How to get a Legal Heir Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu

What is Legal Heir Certificate?

Legal Heir Certificate is nothing but a certificate to transfer the assets or dues of a deceased person. There are various peoples has the right to take over the property of the deceased person such as father, mother, wife, children, siblings, etc.

If suddenly a person in a family is demise then the next person who has the right to take over the assets or dues of the deceased person should get the certificate in municipality.

This certificate should get by the applicant immediately after getting death certificate of the deceased person. You can apply this certificate through online in Tamil Nadu.

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Who is Eligible to Apply Legal Heir Certificate?

  • Son or Daughter of the deceased person
  • Spouse of the deceased person
  • Parents (Father or Mother) of the deceased person
  • Siblings ( Brother or Sister) of the deceased person

Purpose to get This Certificate

  • To claim Insurance
  • To transfer properties of the deceased person
  • Bank Account
  • To get employment of the deceased person
  • To get dues of deceased person
  • Transfer Electricity connection and Telephone connection
  • To get arrears of the salary of the deceased person

Documents Required to get Legal Heir Certificate

  • Application form
  • Death Certificate of the deceased person
  • Ration card
  • Birth Certificate or Transfer Certificate of the applicant.
  • Proof of residence( Any one)
  • Other than this the documents required may vary depends upon the applicant.
  • If children applies for the certificate then the death certificate of parents of the deceased person is required.
  • Likewise, the required documents vary depends upon the applicant.

How to apply for Legal Heir Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu

Firstly, you have to open the tnega website to login in citizen login. If you have an registered account then login to the website. Otherwise, register an account in tnega website.

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Then you have to click revenue department to view the list of online services available.

revenue department

Then click REV – 114 Legal Heir Certificate to open the application form. After that a new window will open.

legal heir certificate

In this window you have to click proceed button to move to the next window. Other than that you don’t want to click or type anything.

This window displays the information about the supporting documents. So read this window once then click proceed button.

legal heir certificate

If you click proceed button the application form will open to enter your details. If you enter your can number the basic information will automatically filled. Then choose the applicant either spouse or children or parents.

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If you choose the applicant then the application form will change depends upon the applicant type. You can fill the form and upload the supporting documents needed.

Then download the self declaration form, sign it and scan it to upload. And also upload all the supporting documents in given format and size.Then make payment o RS.60 to apply this certificate.

legal heir certificate

Then an acknowledgement receipt will printed on the screen. You can download it for the further reference.


If you have any queries then ask me in comment section. I will try to clear your doubts. If you have any doubts regarding the certificates then refer my other articles.

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