How to apply Income Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu

What is Income Certificate?

Income Certificate is nothing but an legal document issued by the state government. This certificate indicate the annual income of a family member. We can renew it after one year.

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Why we need Income Certificate?

It is an essential certificate to apply scholarships in schools and colleges. We can apply this certificate through online. It takes up to 15 days to get this certificate through online.

Income Certificate Apply Online

User id and Can number is essential to apply to income certificate online. Before trying to apply online you have to register an account with a user name and password in TNEGA website. And also, you have to create a can number for the applicant.

tnega login

If you have user name and password then login to tnega website. If you don’t have user account then register a new account. Refer my article to register an account and register an can number in TNEGA website.

                                 How to register an account in TNEGA website.
                                 How to register can number in TNEGA website.

If you enter into your account then the window will looks like below image. You have to click revenue department in that window. Further, it will redirect to the next window.

tnega revenue department

A list of services available in online is listed in the window. Here, you are going to apply income certificate in online.So you have to choose REV-103 Income Certificate option to apply through online.

income certificate

Furthermore, the next window gives you the list of supporting documents, application fee details,etc. Here, you have to click proceed button further move to the next window.

income certificate

Then you have to enter your can number in the next window. If you enter your can number then it will automatically fill your basic details in the application form.

Application Form Filling

enter can number

Then a OTP is sent to your number. You have to verified it by entering it.

income certificate application form

Then give the details of your family members in the next screen. You have to enter name, age, sex, relation, profession, monthly income, annual income of your family members.

If anyone is student then you have to choose the profession as student. And if anyone is in home then choose household as profession. Finally enter the submit button. It will redirect to the next window.

application form

Then you have upload the supporting documents in appropriate format and specified storage space. The download the self declaration form and sign it. Then scan it and submit the form and also make RS.60 as application fee for income certificate.

supporting documents

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know the online status of Income Certificate?

You can know your application online status through your acknowledgement number given in the form. If you enter it then you can track the status of your application.

What is the Validity of an Income Certificate?

This certificate is valid only for one year. After that you have to renew it or you can apply for a new one.

How to renew for Income Certificate?

You can renew it through online. Otherwise, you have to apply for new certificate.

How to make name correction in online?

You can make correction in the certificate through both online and offline.


If you have any queries or doubts regarding this then you can contact the government officials. The free helpline number is available on the tnega website. Note down it and make call and clear your doubts .

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