How to check Guideline Value in Tamil Nadu ( Land Value)

What is Guideline Value of a Land?

Guideline value is a value for a land given by the state government. Government determines a value for each and every place on the state. The government determines the value depends upon the popularity, demand of a land and whether it is near to a town or city.

This is a rate for a land which is specified by the government. But it is not essential to buy or sell a land in that particular rate. If we go for registration then the government demand registration fees depends upon the rate fixed by them.

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Purpose to Know the Guideline Value of a land?

The main purpose to know this rate is for registration of a land. And if we new to that place then we don’t know the rate for that area land. So we can know the basic rate of the land.

But the sale rate of a land is decided by the vendor and seller. But to decide the rate of a land it is very useful to know the value of the land.

How to know the Guideline Value of a land in Tamil Nadu?

You don’t want to go anywhere to know this. And moreover you don’t want to take any risk. This value is given in online through Tamil Nadu government official website. So you can check the value of any land in Tamil Nadu.

This is offer by the TNREGINET website. TNREGINET is the short form of Tamil Nadu Government Registration Department. I will give you the detail explanation to know the value of a land in this website.

Steps to check the Guideline Value of a Land

If you want to check the value then you have login to the TNREGINET website. If you don’t find the official link of the website then click my below link to login to the website.

                                             TNREGINET Website link 

Firstly, login to the official website. The following image looks like the official website. You just refer the image. The website has the facility to use in two languages such as Tamil and English.

Guideline Value

If you want to use in Tamil language then don’t change anything. If you want to use in English then click “English” in the header bar. Then the screen changes like the following image.

You can check the value in two ways. They are following

  • Guideline Value by Street
  • Guideline Value by Survey Number

This means either you can give survey number of a land or street of the land to view this value.

guideline value tnreginet english

Firstly, you have to select whether you are search through street or survey number. For example,i choose survey number in below image. Then select the zone of the land. And also, select the sub registrar office and village of that land.

survey number

Then type the survey number of that land and submit it. A new window will open with the guideline value of that particular land. Here, i also attach one image by searching through street of the land in Tamil Nadu.

guideline value by street

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it essential to know the Guideline Value of a land to register?

Yes. It is essential to know this value to register a land in registrar office. Because a percentage of value of that land is the fees to register that land. So to pay the fees we have know the value.

What is Market Value and How it is differ from the Guideline Value?

Market value is given by the buyer and seller o a particular land. We can buy the land depend upon the market value. Guideline value is the value which is given by the government.


If you have any doubts regarding this then ask me through your comments. I will glad to reply you. Refer my blog to know about more topics.

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