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Watching movies and TV serials are the best entertainment factor in our life. Homemakers are very interested to watch all the famous tv series. The piracy websites available on the internet mostly provide movies but they failed to provide TV series. UWatchFree website provides the movies as well as TV series.


Apart from TV series people now are interested to watch Netflix series and web series. This website mainly focuses on the Hindi web series. This website provides all most the hit movies of every language.

Every website is trying to give the latest movies on their website earlier to get more visitors. But most of the websites are failed to that. UWatchFree is best to upload the latest movies earlier after the release of the movie.

What is UWatchFree?

UWatchFree is nothing but a piracy website that runs against the law of government. Although people visit this website to download the latest HD movies available on the website.

UWatchFree website not only provides movies but also provides TV series. Besides providing Hindi movies it also provides Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, and Punjabi movies. If you want to know more details about this website then just visit the Wikipedia site of this website.

In addition this website has a special feature for mobile users. This website has an android app for its mobile users. The mobile users can download the android app and download movies on the app.

If you want to use the android app on your device then download the Apk file of this website from the official website of UWatchFree.

The size of the Apk file is around 2 to 3MB. After downloading the Apk file install it on your device. Thereupon you can download the Hindi movies in that android app itself.

Why UWatchFree website not working sometimes?

This question raises from various times. Because sometimes when you try to open the official website the error shows like this. This is because the official website got blocked by the government.

When the website got blocked then the admin of the website changes its URL to another server. It takes sometimes to exchange the content with the new domain. At that that when we open that website it shows error like the website is not working. Some of the extensions used by this website are follows.

  • uwatchfree.in
  • uwatchfree.se
  • uwatchfree.cs
  • uwatchfree.io
  • uwatchfree.ac
  • uwatchfree.st
  • uwatchfree.ux
  • uwatchfree.tv

New Domain And Link Details of Uwatchfree


According to record, the new domain is purchase before only 454 days. As per the article writing day, the new official website link is Uwatchfree.ac.

The admin name is not displayed because which has who is guard security. Apart from this website one more site is a host from this web server and domain.

Is it possible to download the Hindi TV Series in UWatchFree?

Obviously, you can download the Hindi TV series on this website. There are several famous TV series is running successfully on TV Shows. But when we miss the show at the telecasting time we may miss the connection of the story.

So people search that day of episodes in piracy websites. If we cannot have enough time to watch a series on TV then you can download the whole series and watch in your free time. I have attached the details of the famous Hindi movies available on this website.


How to join in Telegram channel?

It is very easy to join the telegram channel of the UWatchFree website. Because joining of telegram channel is a much more easiest process. First of all, you have to search the official telegram channel of this website on google.

If you search the telegram channel then it shows the official telegram channel of this website. Then open that channel on a new page. The channel shows the options available. Search it has the option to join the channel and find it.

Then give a request to join the telegram channel. Your request can be viewed and accepted after a few days by the admin of the website. Now hereafter you can get all updates about this website through the telegram channel.

The Best Alternatives For UWatchFree

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unblock UWatchfree website?

USe VPN to unblock the website by the time o blockingof website. It is not essential to use VPN software allthe time. It is only essential when the time of blocking of the website.

Is it safe to use UWatchFree website?

Obviously it is not safe touse this website. Because it is a piracy website that runs illegally. So this website may affectyour device by sending the viruses.

Final Words

We only supports and recommends the legal website. We cannot recommend the UWatchFree website to use. We just share this article for knowledge purposes. So stay away from this website. Share this article with your friends.

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