Isaidub 2021 – New Latest Tamil Dubbed HD Movies Free Download

Do you want to know about Isaidub website? Before that, I give some introduction about dubbed movies. Everyone who is interested to watch other language movies? But they do not understand the language without a subtitle.

Even if they watch with sub titles too they never feel the feelings of the story. So everyone wishes to watch other language movies in our own language.


In particular, for this purpose, the movies are dubbed into other languages. So that the other language peoples also can enjoy the movie. Try to answer my following questions. Or else then no problem I will explain the answers.

What is dubbing? What is dubbed movies?

Dubbing is nothing but the changing of the voice of the actors with other dubbing artists in any other language. The language of the whole movie can be changed in another language with the help of dubbing artists is called Dubbed movies.

For example, Tamil movies can be converted into Telugu movies. As well as Hindi movies can be converted into Tamil movies. Likewise movies can be convert into dubbed movies and it is released all around the world.

What is Isaidub?

Isaidub is a piracy website that releases only Dubbed movies. The website name “Isaidub” itself tells about the owners of this website. Yes, they are Tamil peoples. Because Isai is a Tamil word for music.

And also it has some parent websites. Maybe you can already have information about those parent websites. They are Tamil Rockers, Isaimini, and Moviesda. These all running under the same organization.

Isaidub only releases the Dubbed movies of Tamil. The other language movies are dubbed into the Tamil Language. It provides those collections on the website.

It cannot release any other movie categories except Dub movies. The dubbing of animation movies also taken part in it. So peoples can watch animation movies too in their own languages.

History of Isaidub

Isaidub website starts only before some years.But its parent website Tamil Rockers has history of past several years. The parent website has one more another website that is Moviesda. After some years they start isaidub to release only Tamil dubbed movies.

You don’t have any other options like isaidub for these types of movies only in the Tamil language. Isaidub has the unique content of several movies.

Other websites don’t have more number of movies. Furthermore, it cannot share Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Bollywood, and Hollywood dubbed movies. It is only for Tamil peoples.


How Isaidub works?

Compared to other websites, it is a small website which only uploads dub movies. It works in a separate URL from its parent website. The website owners have different native locations in Tamilnadu.

It displays advertisements to earn money on their website. Though it is a piracy website the google will not give AdSense to this website.

So it uses other Ad sense accounts. If you want to view this website without advertisements you can use adware software to hide advertisements.

Categories of Isaidub

The categories of this website which gives more users to visit. The searching for the movie is very easy. You can find the movie in a different category. It also has sub categories under the main category. The main categories of this website are given below.

  • Tamil 2020 Dubbed Movies
  • A to Z dubbed movies (Tamil)
  • Tamil Dubbed Collections
  • Yearly Dubbed movies
  • Tamil Genres Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil HD Dubbed Movies
  • 2019 Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2018 Dubbed Movies
  • 2017 Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2016 Dubbed Movies
  • 2015 Tamil Dubbed Movies

New links of Isaidub

Everyone finds the new link or extension of isaidub to download movies. The new link to the website is It has some old extensions including and

This website frequently changes its URL extension as soon as possible. Because the government has banned this website many times. So it runs the website in different URL domain names.

Alternatives for Isaidub

Though we have this website there are some legal and illegal alternatives for isaidub. The legal alternatives are Hotstar, youtube, amazon prime videos, Sony music.

If you will not find your favorite movie on isaidub website then you can go for other alternatives. I have mentioned here some illegal websites in the following list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use this website?

No, It is not safe to use this website because it is piracy website. It is illegal to use.

Which browser is suitable for mobile users to download movies in isaidub?

Uc mini browser is suitable for mobile users. But for Computer users the best browser is Google Chrome.

Can we download video songs in isaidub?

No, you cannot download video songs. Because it only offers Tamil Dubbed Movies. But you can download mp3 songs here.


Finally, I have written this article about various websites to create awareness among peoples. We either recommend or support piracy websites to download movies in any kind.

If you like my article then share it with your friends. I will wait for your comments to improve my article. Let me know your comment on the comment box. I hope this article useful for you.

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