Which Social Media Is Best for Advertising?

Once you have a sizable following and enough content, you can now begin to think about advertising as the next step. Many brands that advertise their products and services reach a broader audience. You can take your business to the next level, literally, by advertising. 

There are different forms of advertising that you can take advantage of, including video advertising. This, actually, has become one of the most popular options of advertising in recent times. Video is already the king of content, and it is definitely transitioning into the king of advertisements. In order to make your video advertisement on social media, you need to get more inspiration using a video maker online.

Any standard video maker online will help you achieve this, but you don’t want average, do you? For the best results, you need to choose a steady video maker online tool. After you have completed creating the content that you will use for social media advertising, you need to select the ideal social media platform to use. While you can use all of them, it would be best to centre on one. Here’s how to choose the right social media platform for advertising and the actual one that you need to choose.

How to Choose the Best Social Media for Advertising

It’s simple, you only need to check out the following factors when choosing an appropriate social media advertising platform:

Know Your Audience

Before spending any dime on ad spend, take time and learn who your audience is. They will determine where you can place the ad that can get to them easily. Social media requires a lot of attention to detail even more than the traditional forms of advertising. The wrong platform and the right ad content is useless – it doesn’t translate to sales.

Many marketers tend to make the mistake of jumping to the most popular social media site, when they need to check if at all their audience is present there. Nearly 50% of all online ads get to the wrong audience. This is not a negligible number, as half of marketers miss the target audience. Don’t just add to the stats. Instead, look for ways to learn your audience and target them with the right ads. It doesn’t even matter that you have used the best video maker online. If you don’t do some thorough targeting, then it’s all in vain.

Learn the Types of Social Media Platforms

This is the second most important factor that you need to have at the back of your mind. But don’t forget the fact that we focused on the audience at first. This is because everything in today’s marketing needs to focus on the audience or end customer.

Information goes out faster thanks to the effect of social media. But it is not every social media platform that will advance your message well. Some may do it better than others.

Social Media Sites to Use with Your Video Maker Online

Once you have completed editing your video ad on your video maker online, you can share it directly on social media. Here are some of the social media sites that you can use with your video maker online:


Google’s YouTube is also an ideal platform to share your video adverts. It is a video sharing platform that you can take advantage of after using a quality video maker online. It has over a billion users ready to interact with your content. 


Facebook is one of the oldest social media sites in the world. It is also one of the most used sites. The current audience on Facebook is balanced, even though it is slowly inclining to the older generation more than the young. The younger demographic is focusing more on Instagram, and we’re getting to that.

90% of businesses and marketers use Facebook in one way or the other. It offers opportunities to market videos for all types of businesses. You can share content that will help your brand stand out among the rest and become more trustworthy.


Instagram is particularly popular among users who are under the age of 40. Thus, you can comfortably conclude that it is mainly for the younger demographic or the youth. But the good thing about Facebook and Instagram is that they fall under the same umbrella. When you post your ad on Facebook, for instance, you’ll get the option to share it on Instagram as well.

Instagram is currently one of the most widely used sites for advertising products and services. And this is particularly attributed to the fact that it has experienced exponential growth for its user base. Recently, they added shopping tags and the ability of companies or businesses to link images to their websites directly, which is a plus.


After you’ve created your videos using a video maker online, you can share it on LinkedIn. This is a platform mainly suited for professionals. Therefore, it would be most appropriate if your business is based on pros or business-to-business adverts. You can really connect with a more qualified audience on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

We’re delighted that you’ve read this far. When making your marketing videos, ensure that you use only the best video maker online. Also, pick a social media site that best-suits your business. 


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