What are PDF and JPEG?

What are PDF and JPEG?

There are different file extensions used to store important data like texts, images, and so on. Such types of file extensions are called PDF and JPEG. Businesses use such types of files to save their important documents. They are very effective and can be transferred quickly. The fact that devices like Computers, laptops, Smartphones,  Tablets are used by everyone. Hence, it is comfortable if the image or text that is sent by a particular device appears the same in the receiving device too. Hence, in this process, the importance of PDF and JPEG comes into play. Let’s dive into the basic information.


What is PDF?

 PDF is a Portable Document Format. It helps in presenting various types of documents in a readable manner. PDF format is independent of any operating system, or software, or application. With the help of the PDF document, the complete description of a flat document is summarized in a fixed format. Graphics, texts, fonts, and other information are covered for the display of the contents of the file. It requires more space in computers and phones.  In most computers and smartphones, there are applications to open PDF files. PDF files are very helpful and can be used as alternatives to save important data.


What is JPEG?

 JPEG is the Joint Photographic Expert Group. This is very commonly used and helps in compressing digital images. It is also known as lossy compression. The compression can be of varying extents. The file is easy to access on any program which supports images. The commonly used extensions are jpeg or jpg. This format is best for images with several colors. It is used for storing or transmitting graphical digital content. Though the image is compressed, the quality is surely maintained. As compared to PDF, the space required is less and hence is quite compatible when saving large documents on the device. 


When do you need to convert PDF to JPEG?

On many occasions, it is needed to convert PDF to JPEG due to various reasons. You can scan documents into a PDF format, but if you need to scan an image, then it is not possible. Hence converting the document PDF into an image file like JPG is helpful. Sometimes, you have a content in PDF file but need to use it in a Power point presentation where you need to include an image. Hence converting the PDF document into a JPEG file is necessary. Thanks to online tools like pdf simpli where you can easily convert your PDF document to a JPG file. 


What is the difference between PDF and JPEG?

The major difference between PDF and JPEG is that a PDF is a document file whereas JPEG is an image file. Both of these can easily be converted into another using online tools like pdfsimpli. They both are used for different purposes. If there are the same formats of the same content, the JPG image file will be small in size as compared to the PDF file. JPEG being a compression method, hence the size will be small. 

In the PDF file, the original layout of the document is not changed, and the editing part can also be done if required.  Whereas in JPEG, images are compressed into a single file that cannot be reverted to the original image. In PDF, you can copy selected text from the file, but in JPEG, you can’t copy the selected text. But you can copy the whole image if you want. If you convert JPEG to PDF, the layout of the image will not change. But if you convert PDF to JPEG, you will receive a compressed image of the document. 

PDF is created by the Research and Development team of Adobe Systems, whereas JPEG is created by Researchers of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). PDF is used for sending texts, digital signatures, and other data formats. Whereas, JPEG is used for sending Web page visuals and still images. The Image size in a PDF document is normal, whereas in JPEG is compressed. The quality in PDF is high as compared to JPEG. PDF document is easy to print whereas, JPEG is not suitable for printing. 

Many people are confused about using these file extensions. They are overwhelmed when using the perfect software that is required for using both files. 


How to Convert PDF to JPEG?

Today, there are so many online tools that can help you to easily convert your PDF documents to JPEG files. Online Tools like pdfsimpli are an easy-to-use platform to convert your documents. Once you register on their site, you need to choose the option of what type of file you want to convert. There are various options like PDF to JPEG, JPEG to PDF, WORD to PDF, PDF to WORD, etc. 

You just need to upload the document you want to convert and follow the steps. 

  • Step 1- You need to choose and upload your PDF file in this step. 
  • Step 2- In this step, you can make the edits you want. You can also change or add the designs you want as per your choice.
  • Step 3- At this step, you need to select the option, ‘Convert’, to transform your PDF file to JPEG. 
  • Step 4- At this step, you can download, share or save the file or print it.


Thus, you can see how easy it is to convert PDF to JPEG in seconds. The Online tools are gaining popularity due to the benefits it provides to its users. 


Thus you can see that both PDF and JPEG are helpful. It depends upon whether we need to give importance to the texts, fonts in the document, or the images of the files. If you are working on art where graphics are important then, a JPEG file is important. And if you are working on brochures, flyers, etc, thenPDF file is given importance. The basic difference between the two helps in making the documents valuable. 

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