What are online slots reload bonuses?

Players will come across many bonuses whilst enjoying online slot games at megareel.com. The reload bonus has become one of the most popular bonuses amongst slot players due to its lucrative nature.

What is the reload bonus? 

The reload bonus is one of the most exciting slot bonuses that players will come across, this bonus is incredibly fun because it helps to encourage players to keep depositing money into their account. The reload bonus works very simply, it will be awarded to players when they deposit money into their account. It can come in many forms with the most popular being free cash and free spins. The reload bonus is well liked by players thanks to its simplicity and amazing rewards, it is a nice bonus which results in players receiving a nice prize. The reload bonus appeals to a variety of players, brand new players will find it enjoyable, it helps to retain the attention of active players and it can even function as an incentive for inactive players to start playing again.

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How does it work? 

The casino reload bonus is one of the simplest bonuses that players will come across. Part of its appeal is the ease of use and how it can be used by pretty much every player. 

  1. The reload bonus will be awarded to players who have deposited money into their account. Unlike a welcome bonus, which is awarded to players when they first make a deposit, this bonus is only awarded sometime after the initial deposits a player makes.
  2. A reload bonus can come in many forms, for example there is a free spins reload bonus which essentially awards players with free spins when they manage to trigger the bonus. The amount of free spins can vary, it can be a handful of spins or a hundred.
  3. Another popular variation of this bonus is the bonus funds casino reload bonus, this comes in the form of a percentage and will award players a cash amount based on that percentage. For instance, if a casino is offering a 100% reload bonus when a player deposits £100, they will receive £200 overall! 

Why use it? 

The reload bonus is very popular with online slot players of all backgrounds. Thanks to it’s universal appeal, it has started to be used much more prominently in recent years. There are many reasons why you should consider using it. 

  •     Easy to trigger – One of the main reasons why people enjoy it so much is because the bonus is very easy to trigger. Players are almost always eligible for it and it doesn’t matter how long you have been playing, you will still be able to receive it.
  •     Great prizes – The reload bonus offers a myriad of amazing prizes, there is everything from cash bonuses to free spins!


The universal appeal of the reload bonus guarantees that players of all kinds will benefit from it. High rollers, players who have tight budgets and those who play for fun can all experience benefits of some kind whilst using this bonus.

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