How to open a Burger King Franchise cost in India

Burger King is the second-largest burger chain in the United States. It not only serves delectable burgers, but it also offers excellent customer service and support. This American fast-food chain has made a name for itself in the global food industry.

How to Obtain a Burger King Franchise in India

To open a Burger King franchise in India, there are a few steps that must be taken. It is also necessary to understand the burger king franchise cost in India. But first, you should be aware that the company offers three franchising options:

  1. Individual contracts
  2. Entity contract
  3. Corporate contract

How to Become a Burger King Franchisee in India

The first step in becoming a Burger King franchise owner is to visit the company’s official website. When a person visits the website, he or she must fill out an application form to become a Burger King franchisee. The application of the potential investor is reviewed by the company’s support staff. If the application is accepted, the company will contact the individual to discuss the next steps.

Requirements for a Burger King Franchise

The franchisee must enroll in a training program run by the company to learn about the fast-food business and the industry. It enables people to fully comprehend the operation of a burger chain.

The next requirement concerns the restaurant’s location. The company has listed all of the locations where a person can open an outlet, which is divided into three categories. The first category includes institutional locations. Commercial areas such as shopping malls are included in the second category. The third category includes non-traditional areas such as gas stations, grocery stores, and so on.

Cost of a Burger King Franchise in India

In the United States, a Burger King franchise costs around $3,398,600. As a result, the amount of money required to become the owner of a Burger King franchise in India exceeds 20 crores. Aside from that, the individual must pay a royalty fee set by the company.

Ongoing Fees for the Burger King Franchise, as well as Other Charge

  1. The Royalty

The franchisee must pay the company 4.5 percent of the monthly gross sales as a royalty.

  1. The Cost of Advertising

The franchisee must spend approximately 4% of total gross sales on advertising their Burger King restaurant/outlet so that people in a specific location are aware of its existence.

  1. Building Upkeep and Improvement

You have the option of not incurring this cost. You should budget between $500 and $700 for building improvements and maintenance (although the cost may slightly vary depending on the location).

  1. Taxation 

The tax percentage varies by location. A Burger King franchisee must pay 18% tax to the Government of India on average. The tax percentage varies by location. 

  1. Education and training

When you open a Burger King restaurant, you must hire new employees. The company provides quality training to employees to ensure that quality standards are met. The training program will set you back around $2500.Typically, the training program in India takes place at the Burger King franchise head office in Mumbai. 

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