Userlane VS WalkMe, which is better?

Using WalkMe, product managers and customer success managers can efficiently manage in-app experiences and create product tours not only for their products but also for third-party products as well. Probably the first choice for many companies because of its recognizable brand, WalkMe is without question one of the pioneers in the digital adoption market.

Even though Userlane supports both employee and customer onboarding, this article focuses only on employee onboarding, since WalkMe focuses solely on customer onboarding. Userlane is essentially WalkMe’s simplified counterpart. It has the same core features that WalkMe does. The main difference between Userlanevs WalkMe is that Userlane is relatively easy to integrate into applications. Simply copy and paste a piece of JavaScript code, and your application system will not be affected.


Benefits of WalkMe: 

  • Wonderful product tours: The WalkMe employee onboarding team has been at the forefront of the user onboarding market since its origins. Since the earliest user onboarding flows were mostly based on product tours and walkthroughs, WalkMe has become an expert in this area. Over the past couple of years, WalkMe has concentrated its resources on the employee training industry – emphasizing how Salesforce, Hubspot, and other digital tools can help large enterprises achieve digital transformation.
  • Leveling up onboarding of employees: If you check Reviews by WalkMe online, you will see that almost all of those noting their satisfaction work in companies with hundreds, sometimes thousands of employees. Despite its strengths and capabilities, WalkMe isn’t the perfect tool for start-ups or small and medium businesses due to its complex pricing model and pricing structure. WalkMe’s dashboard provides easy access to all data and analytics related to the user onboarding. 


Challenges of WalkMe: 

  • However, the implementation part can be tricky when you use WalkMe to create a great user onboarding flow and walkthroughs. 
  • The WalkMe solution is also an on-premise solution, so it has to be installed before you can use it. This can become a bit complicated, as it requires a great deal of technical knowledge to set up WalkMe in your system. It takes time and effort to get started.
  • There is no way to remove the sidebar colour of your walk-through in CSS, but you can customize the look of the walk-through using CSS. Pricing can reach $10000 per year for larger businesses, so it is targeted at those companies.


Benefits of Userlane: 

  • Effective marketing of a product: Using speech boxes when guiding users through features can help them understand why certain functions are important and what they will hopefully accomplish as they go through the process. The sales process doesn’t stop even after your prospects choose your solution! Interactive guides on screen can help you remind them of the value you add while positioning your products in the best light.
  • Expansion of company: In doing M&As or expanding organically, the company faces both high costs and challenges. One of the biggest challenges is training the newly acquired employees on both internal processes and software applications. Company intranets can include on-screen guides that lead employees through processes. Guides can be made mandatory and companies can decide to allow employees to access the next tour after completing the previous one.


Challenges of Userlane: 

  • Integration of new tools or services is not easy within an existing infrastructure. However, to create a business structure that mirrors a smooth customer experience, data needs to be centralized and analysed across different departments to prevent silos and holes. It’s vital to consider future integrations of an entire ecosystem when implementing new technology and creating a proper software implementation plan
  • Roles and responsibilities might need to be adjusted following a new software rollout. For example, new reporting and data analytics figures within the organization might require the involvement of an administrator or manager.
  • Making sure the software meets all the standards and presents all the certifications necessary for deployment is another important aspect that can’t be overlooked and is usually related to negotiation and due diligence.


Based on their comparison of the two solutions, reviewers found Userlane simpler to use, set up, and administer. They also found Userlane more effective at doing business. Compared to WalkMe, Userlane’s quality of “ongoing product support” was the better choice. About feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred Userlane’s direction.


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