School Books (How to buy Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi books Online)

This post explains you clearly “how to buy Tamil Nadu school text books through online”.

Due to lock down in India since past 6 months we can’t able to go and shop books anywhere all around Tamil Nadu.

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So the only way to buy samacheer kalvi books is through online purchase. A lot of websites offers school books online in pdf format.

But it is very difficult to study the whole books in phone or computer. We need to buy books for our better preparation.

And lot of private peoples sale books online in various price rate. When compared to government price list it is very high.

So my opinion is buying books from Tamil Nadu government official website is better when compared to private sales.

Here in this article i will give the steps to order Tamil Nadu textbooks through the government website in online. Just read this article completely.

Steps To Order School Books in Online

The most first step to order books is visit website. Then you have to register as a student to order books.

Then click student registration to register yourself as a student.

school books website

The only problem in this website is if you register as a 6 Th standard student then you can only able to buy 6 Th school books.

If you want to buy other standard school books then you want to register a new account.

school books student registration
registration form

Then you have fill the below personal information.

  • parent/guardian name
  • mobile no
  • email id
  • door no/ building name
  • street
  • area
  • city
  • district
  • pin code
  • landmark
  • student name
  • district
  • block
  • school name
  • standard
  • medium

You have to fill all the above details and then you have to click save button. Then an email will sent to you with user name and password for your account to sign in.

You have to click “Active button” to activate your account which was sent through email.

Then login with your username and password to order books.If you sign in to your ccount then it will show all books price list.

If you want to order then select the wanted books and make payment through any one of the online payment method.

Important Note:

The important thing to note is if you pay the payment once then suddenly the website will not show “payment successfully completed”.

After 48 hours only it will show this successful message. So don’t make payment again and again.

The school books which was ordered by you will be delivered within one month of time period. And you can’t track the status of the books arrival.

Personally i have experienced and ordered books in this website. So this is a trustworthy website because it is a official Tamil Nadu government website.

Final Words

I hope this article will helpful for you to order books. If you want to know about more topics related like this then visit my website once. Thank You ..

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