Merits and Drawbacks of Using Device Farm for Remote Debugging 

Have you heard of an enterprise device hub where you can literally farm all your devices without hassle from the cloud and boost your team’s success? If you want to build your own mobile testing platform and make all your networked devices remotely accessible, then look at the AstroFarm platform by 42Gears. With this, you can have your own device farm, and your team members can debug Android apps remotely use all networked devices to develop apps, all the while having them remotely controlled and tested from the cloud. No more buying extra devices to ramp up team productivity.

Why use a device farm?

If you are into testing, DevOps, and quality assurance, you must be aware that, most often, when building and debugging mobile apps, it is hard to access mobile devices in real-time. Why not have your testers, DevOps teams, and developers work together and do their job better by putting your own and contributor devices on the SaaS cloud platform AstroFarm? 

Let’s explore some topfeatures of AstroFarm.

Maximize your returns and make all your devices available round the clock to any employee who needs them.

Use the user management, user control nd contributor access tools to ensure your presence globally.

Evolve and have a scalable cloud platform. Permit your team to add devices and scale up your device availability. You can allow your teams to work from home while they debug Android apps remotely.

The enterprise cloud hosting is totally remote and provides full access worldwide to the AstroFarm device farm.

The best part is that it is backed with excellent support from 42Gears, a name that is a forerunner globally.

Merits of the device farm:

The AstroFarm working is simple. Once set up, the contributor adds a device to the farm. The farm users can use any free device. Once the user releases a device, it is instantly available to the next user. 

Though you pay an add-on and per-device fee, there is no limit to your scaling with devices running on platforms like iOS, Android 4.0, iPadOS etc. 

Go ahead and use the hub remotely with automated testing tools like Appium, conference your Ops and testing teams, use Android Studio with the IDE environment, and when ADB connection is set up, use single-step code debugging too! 

With AstroFarms, developers can enroll devices rapidly conduct instant inventory reviews, debug source codes remotely, use test automation suites, host devices on the cloud and provide device-based access to your own device hub. All these features help businesses drive productivity, efficiency and allow collaboration within teams.

The AstroFarm is compatible with Android and iOS/iPadOS platforms allowing you to enroll and remove any device and debug or develop apps across the devices. Its reporting feature allows admins to generate reports on device usage and device logs. 

Demerits of a device farm:

The set-up cost of the device farm is a deterrent to most enterprises as are the recurring costs. 

The iOS platform does see an occasional missing out on devices. When one uses the iOS platform for testing apps that have been developed on other platforms or those that are not already extensively tested across platforms, they occasionally miss connecting with the farm user interface.


AstroFarmby 42Gears  is your go-to mobile cloud platform device farm, to harness all your devices and use them to debug Android apps remotelyThis SaaS enterprise platform for mobile app testing management surpasses all expectations allowing you to function from the cloud while you farm all your devices on it to enhance the team’s efficiency and productivity at no extra spending costs on additional devices. Try it out today!


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