Five ways to get better at the game of poker

Struggling from a ‘meh’ status for your game of poker? Well, welcome to the den of interesting ways to make your next poker game super interesting. 

Transitions in playing poker is a popular seek-out for players, and don’t count yourself as an isolated entity for the same. There are quite a number of people online who are on the hunting trail for finding new ways to take the game onto a new level.

Little tweaks in poker strategies can bring in a nice swirl for your playing experience and immerse you once again in poker mania!

This article takes you through five handpicked ways to upsell your poker playing experience and let you master the game even more. So next time when you download a poker game, you know how to ace it too.

  1. Conquer the Rules

Yes, this might sound a little cliché, but this will take you in awe to understand that sometimes knowing the rules by heart can make you a warrior at the poker game. While playing, even if you miss out on the smallest of detail, it can cost you losing your pot. 

The following cheat sheet is what you all need!

  • Royal Flush: 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace belongs to the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: Five cards in sequential order belonging to the same suit.
  • Four of a kind: Four cards will have the same number, with one in each suit.
  • Full House: Two cards with one number and the third of another.
  • Flush: Five cards, all belonging to the same suit.
  • Straight: Five cards that might be of any unit in sequence.
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards having any number, plus two extra.
  • Two Pairs: Two sets of pairs of numbers along with an unmatched card.
  • One Pair: Two cards of the same number along with three unmatched cards.
  • No Pair: All are different in their respective rank and suit.
  1. When in doubt, FOLD!

The mark of a good player always lies in their sense of judgement. A tiny lapse of judgement can be enough in strength to pull you back in the game. Do not push yourself for playing a hand when your curiosity is pulling the strings to force you to confirm surety.

That can, in turn, might be a shortcut to losing the game instead!

  1. Bluff it till you make it

If you are in for some goofy bluffing in a poker game, the popular 5-minute rule strategy is tailor-made for you. Allocate five minutes dedicatedly to bring some variations in your game and make your opponents believe in the moves that you take. 

But make sure not to either overdo it or extend it more than five minutes. Then, let the rest of the hour follow your original playing style. 

Apart from the 5-minute rule, you can bluff in a poker game by stealing blinds and doing, so it is never mandated that you have to be an advanced player. Moreover, this bluffing strategy can help you win easy pots once you gain confidence, thereby adding future winning prospects. 

  1. Mark your Position

In a game of poker, the information to be absorbed is very limited and thus, each second, each move in the game counts. Speaking of which, positions in a poker game steals the attention. A majority of poker players recommends the button position to be the best of all. 

Being in the button position, you witness your opponents’ actions and take the most decisive move in the end. 

If you control the pot, the button position helps you fold when the pot is too big and raise the bet if the pot is too small. As the last person to play, you are also able to calculate finalized pot odds.

Also, when you choose your positions carefully in a poker game, you get to bluff with quite an ease.

In a nutshell, playing in position powers up your play by giving you more information about the game, along with more control.

  1. Don’t let them Predict

When playing at an advanced level, your opponents can slowly start tracing your moves and strategies and can deploy them against your game. 

The basic difference between a good player and the best player is the note of unpredictability. A good player has decisive powers and successful strategies to take accountability for wins and losses. 

But the best player has three weapons to ace at the game of poker, decisive powers, successful strategies and unpredictable moves! Before the opponent knows about it, the player has already made their move. 

Hanging your opponent under the tension of not knowing your next move or strategy deployment can be a great way to turn the events at a poker game.

Set aside rules for yourself and abide by them and keep shuffling your strategies from time to time to increase winning chances. 

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Let the Game Begin…

So, what else to wait for now! Bring back the fire to the poker game with the above-mentioned interesting ways to level up.

According to Forbes, poker has proven to be successful in offering valuable lessons on making better financial decisions in practical life.

If it’s been a while, you have played poker, here’s a positive affirmation to get back to the poker business once again!


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