Looking for Klondike Solitaire Online? Learn Everything Here!

                               Looking for Klondike Solitaire Online? Learn Everything Here!


Once in a while, we need some activities that can entertain us alone. It gives you some me time, while at the same time, your brain gets engaged fascinatingly. One such game is Klondike Solitaire online, a card game that can keep you engaged whenever and wherever you want. All you would need is a working device and an internet connection. With these things said, let’s get to know this fantastic recreational card game in detail.


What is Solitaire?


Solitare, as the name suggests, is a game of patience, which one can play alone. For this, you only need decks of cards and little space to spread them out. One needs patience and complete focus on the game to win the round as soon as possible. Here, the number of moves made and the time a player took to complete the game matters. It is the deciding factor in Klondike Solitaire online as well. 


Solitare has many versions of the game. The most popular version of the game is Klondike, which is also the easiest game to understand. Other versions of Solitaire card game are spider, Yukon, scorpion, and Freecall. If you don’t consider the card version, the Solitaire card game also has varieties based on the surface and material used, like Mahjong Solitare and Peg Solitaire. 


What is Online Solitaire?


Online solitaire is super fun. Now players can play it on their laptops, mobile phones and even tablets. Also, the whole process of distributing cards, tableau, foundation blocks, and so on is on the screen. The sound effects make Solitaire easy to understand and realistic. This version of solitaire is called online solitaire. People have liked it a lot because many more versions of this game have surfaced apart from the Klondike Solitaire online. 


What is Klondike Solitaire online?


Gamezz is a fantastic platform to play Klondike Solitaire online in a smooth manner. Klondike is one of many versions of this card game that you can access online today for playing. It is also one of the most straightforward card games to play. For playing this, you need only one deck of cards (52 cards). One person can play this game on their own. The player shuffles the deck of cards and places them upside side on seven columns, leaving only the last card on the column face up. 


Let’s get to know more in detail.


How to play Klondike Solitaire Online?


As earlier said, the basic version of Klondike Solitaire online askes for a deck of cards (52 cards). 


After shuffling, the player arranges the cards in seven columns. These are arranged from left to right in this quantity.

  • One card
  • Two cards
  • Three cards
  • Four cards
  • Five cards
  • Six cards
  • Seven cards

But, one has to keep every card upside down, except the last card on the column which is kept face up. This way, one used 52-(1+2+3+4+5+6+7)=24 cards in making this arrangement. It is the tableau part of the game. Apart from this, one blank space is also kept. We will talk about this space later.


Next, the remaining cards are kept upside down on top of each other on the top left side (24 cards). Remember, the tableau is the below half of the area where you are keeping the cards. 


On the top right side, there would be four empty foundational blocks. In each block, 13 cards would be placed(13×4=52), which means the end goal of Klondike Solitaire online is to place all the cards from Ace to King order in respective suits(diamonds, spades, hearts, clubs), in these foundational blocks. 


How to make moves in Klondike Solitaire online?


The moves are what make this game more interesting. Due to the limited kinds of moves a player can make, this card game requires patience to play this game. One wrong move may keep your game in the deadlock, thus you won’t win. That’s why do make a note of these moves in Solitaire. 


As earlier mentioned, one has to place all the cards in foundational blocks, while keeping every card in its respective suite, from Ace card to King Card. 


The space, that we earlier mentioned in the tableau, is a place where one can only place the king card. If there are multiple other cards on the King card, they can be placed too, but not without the King card. 


One can arrange the cards in the tableau region from king to ace alignment only. Along with this, the colour code has to be followed. After a red card, only a black card can be placed and vice versa. 


To use more cards, one can take out cards from the stock/ reserve of 24 cards kept on the top left side one by one, if there is a need for that. 


Now that we have told you about every move, you are ready to play Klondike Solitaire Online


Here are some features of Klondike Solitaire Online


  • Gamezz online offers an easily navigable user interface. Be it landscape or portrait mode, be it laptop, mobile or tablet, you can play from any device easily.
  • There are endless practice sessions available online. Practice and become perfect in this card game. To do that, you need statistics of how many moves you made, how much time you took, the time your competitors took, and so on. All of this you can get on klondike solitaire online.
  • You will never get bored with Solitaire. If you wish to try different solitaire, then you can check out spider suit 1, spider 4 suits, spider 2 suits, Yakon, 3 card klondike, scorpion, 52 card addiction, double klondike, Algerian patience, 36 card addiction, and many other such versions.
  • On this platform, you will get your graphics loaded in no time. Also, there is no need to do any kind of registration, share email-id, make any payment, or download something. All you need to do is get on their website and click the play Solitaire button. 

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