IPL 2020 – UAE an Option for Hosting the match after Srilanka

IPL is nothing but Indian Premier League which is a professional cricket league consisting of eight teams to play cricket. It has millions fans worldwide. The total number of overs in a match is twenty for each team. It is shortly famous like a big bash Australian league.

The specialty of the game is Indian team players on the various teams, combined with other international players to make a team. This is very interesting and enjoyable to watch the game.


History Of IPL

IPL (Indian premier league) started in 2008 by BCCI in India. it’s making a new vision of cricket in India. Ipl opens the window of new upcoming players to give a great platform of play cricket to a straightaway with international players. After this lot of good players came to the Indian cricket team by their consecutive performance.

So this league is very popular and plays an important key role in our country. And also the teams have included world, top players. That’s the reason, This league has a million fans all over the world. Generally, IPL series in India contested during April and May of every year by eight teams representing eight different cities in India.

Title Holders In IPL History

IPL was started in 2008. The inaugural trophy won by Rajasthan Royals. And, the latest title winner is Mumbai Indians in 2019. Moreover, Mumbai Indians is the team holding the title 4 times in Ipl history. The title winners listed the following:

  • 2008 – Rajasthan royals
  • 2009 – Deccan charges
  • 2010 – Chennai super kings
  • 2011 – Chennai super kings
  • 2012 – Kolkatta knight riders
  • 2013 – Mumbai Indians
  • 2014 – Kolkatta knight riders
  • 2015 – Mumbai Indians
  • 2016 – Sunrishers hydrabad
  • 2017- Mumbai indians
  • 2018 – Chennai super kings
  • 2019 – Mumbai Indians
  • 2020 -??

Srilanka an option to hosting IPL 2020

Due to the spreading of the coronavirus, the 2020 IPL cricket match was postponed to an unknown date. The BCCI team members itself not confirm knows whether the 2020 year IPL match is conducted or not.

In starting the BCCI team members planned to host a 2020 IPL match outside the country of India. So they give an offer to Srilanka to hosting this 2020 match later at the year. But the Indian officials say that they do not yet have confirmation about that match for hosting.

UAE an option to hosting IPL 2020

After Srilanka, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) who had offered for hosting the 2020 IPL match in their country. Before this, there are two times the IPL match is conduct out of the country. First time in South Africa in 2019. The second time in UAE but partially host that match in UAE.

Now the BCCI offers to host of this 2020 match in UAE. But some of the officials in BCCI, says that it cannot be a confirm news. The team does not confirm this not yet.

BCCI Statement

The BCCI conducts the cricket match every year in March or April to May. It has a twelve seasons. Current champions of the contest is Mumbai Indians But this year due to lock down of COVID – 19 pandemic the postpone the matches to an indefinite date. We don’t know that Whether the match is conduct or not.

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Details About the Teams of IPL

There are eight teams which is going to play. They are Chennai Super kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kings XI Punjab, Rajasthan Royals, and Delhi Capitals,


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