Spin for Gold in the Gold Rush Slot Machine

SEO Meta Description: Hit the jackpot in the Gold Rush Slot Machine and spin for your chance to win immense riches! With a classic 3-reel, 5-payline layout, and exciting bonus features, this classic slot is full of surprises. Play Gold Rush now and see if you can become a gold prospector!

Gold Rush Video Slot Pragmatic Play Review

By Peter Schlegel

  1. Overview of Gold Rush Slot by Pragmatic Play 

  2. Game Features and Symbols 

  3. How to Win Big with Progressive Bonus Rounds 

  4. Graphics, Soundtrack, and Atmosphere 

  5. Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Winning on the Gold Rush Slot 

  6. Final Thoughts on the Gold Rush Video Slot

Forge ahead and experience the thrilling action of mining for real cash prizes in Pragmatic Play’s Gold Rush video slot! With medium-high volatility, you won’t need to labor with a pickax; instead, reach straight for the dynamite – your work will be worth its weight in gold. Real cash prizes abound in this progressive bonus round game too, where you can win up to 500x your line bet!

Overview of Gold Rush Slot by Pragmatic Play 

With 25 paylines, breathtaking visuals, and an upbeat soundtrack that takes you back in time, this slot game is sure to be a hit. Moreover, if luck is on your side when the bonus online casino games for money round kicks off then riches await!

You can wager up to 10 coins per line with values ranging from 0.01 – 0.50; so everyone from penny-pinchers to high rollers are catered for! 


Play starts at just 0.25 or goes all the way up to 125 credits – perfect for those seeking big wins!

With an impressive Return to Player of 96.5%, Pragmatic Play’s Gold Rush slot is a high-volatility game that promises a rollercoaster ride for those who enjoy the tumultuous highs and lows of medium-high variance slots. Hit autoplay or speed up the pace if you desire even faster, maximum energy gameplay – not to mention the jazz soundtrack that keeps your adrenaline pumping no matter how quickly you play!

Game Features and Symbols 

Step into a world of adventure with Pragmatic Play’s Wild West-themed slot game! Even though they’ve only been around since 2015, the team is already renowned for their impressive library of slots that offer enjoyable gameplay, stunning graphics and engaging themes.

Take your chance to be part of history and try out one of their latest releases – Gold Rush Slot! Join us in uncovering what treasures this exciting title has in store when it comes to mechanics and paytable bonuses.

How to Win Big with Progressive Bonus Rounds 

All eyes are captivated by the 5×3 reels of Dynamite when a harmonica’s wistful song strikes up. We’ve been transported back to 1800s California, in the bustling heart of gold rush country! The wooden frames showcase lanterns, donkeys, pickaxes and shovels; with golden dust sparkling around it all – not to mention an upbeat banjo accompaniment that only adds more merriment. It truly is an unforgettable experience!

The Gold Rush slot is truly immersive and its graphics are captivating. When taking a glance at the paytable, we can see how much each symbol pays out for every bet level. 


From lower paying card suits from ten to Ace that return your total stake when five of them appear to higher-paying symbols like donkey, wagon of gold and miner which reward up to 500x your initial wager – there’s no shortage of excitement in this game!

Graphics, Soundtrack, and Atmosphere 

With a maximum bet of 125.00, five miners on a payline will yield the highest jackpot prize of 2,500.00 possible! We were pleased to discover that there was an abundance of high-paying symbols scattered throughout this game which enabled us to strike lucrative combos more often than expected. Moreover, when wild dynamite symbols substitute and complete winning lines they’ll fizz and erupt; adding even further excitement as well as healthy doses of additional wins!

The excitement of playing this slot is taken to a whole new level when you get to the bonus stage. 


Try your luck and see if you can activate the free spins round for some exciting real cash action! If three tunnel scatter symbols appear on reels two, three, and four then you’ve triggered the long-awaited bonus – it may not be easy but once it’s set off, there will definitely be thrills along with a chance at winning big money!

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Winning on the Gold Rush Slot 

As you venture further into the tunnel, glistening golden nuggets beckon from the walls. When you start your expedition, ten free spins await with seven extra miner symbols among them.


 Moreover, these special golden nugget icons award points as they are collected! 


Accumulate five points and progress to level two where 16 additional miners will be unveiled on the reels; reach ten points for an extra 21 miners; then hit 15 points to enter level four and discover 29 more of those lucky little miners!

Don’t worry about not being able to level up within 10 spins. Every scatter symbol on the reels will give you two extra spins, so with a little bit of patience, your bonus round can amass enough turns and wins for you to be rewarded!

Get Ready for the Latest Technology


The Gold Rush video slot ensures smooth gameplay with its mobile-optimization, keeping up with the latest trends in technology. It is also adapted to work on tablets and smarter phones that have cutting edge software – however, it may be difficult to play this game on older devices. 

Don’t miss out on experiencing this entertaining slot from any device of your liking!


If you’re not certain about the level of volatility, testing out our free play format could be beneficial. To gain real money rewards from the progressive bonus though, it’s essential to make a deposit. Before taking that step however, consider consulting our suggestions for top-notch online casinos.

Final Thoughts on the Gold Rush Video Slot

Are you looking for something a bit different but still with the classic gold rush theme? If so, then Playtech’s Chicago Streets is an excellent option. This slot features 20 paylines and has 16 free spins made up of two levels: 

The first eight come with locked wilds while the remaining rounds feature additional wilds that remain in place.


 For even more Gold Rush action, check out their scratchcard game known as Gold Rush 250,000!

Do You Dare to Rush and Play Gold Rush?

The free Gold Rush slot is an engaging online gambling game. The volatility of this title is perfectly balanced providing an exciting bonus that can really pay off if you’re lucky enough! With crisp graphics and a lively soundtrack, the base gameplay truly captivates and keeps gamers entertained. 

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Plus, Pragmatic Play has also released scratchcards from some of its best slots with massive wins up to 250,000.00 – so what are you waiting for? Get ready for a rush when playing Gold Rush!

Don’t let the simplicity of Gold Rush fool you; this video slot is guaranteed to provide a thrilling and entertaining experience for all. Light up the TNT for exciting prizes now! You won’t regret it.

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