Fashion Tips and Ideas for Styling Potli Bags with Ethnic Wear

Potli bags are indispensable festive accessories that have been prevalent in India since ancient times. Potlis represent Indian culture and tradition, and the embellished pieces are perfect for pairing with any ethnic outfit. 

Women love to carry matching or contrasting accessories to glam up their look – be it shoes or bags. Potli bags for women carry a special charm and elegance that no other bag can possibly replace.


What are Potli Bags?

Potli bags got their names from their unique ‘potli’ shape and design. In Hindi, ‘potli’ is a bundle of cloth used to wrap spices or herbs for cooking. Women have a soft corner for potli bags, making this category of bags a popular choice, specifically for Indian traditional attire. Be it weddings or festive gatherings, you will never fail to catch sight of women carrying potli bags to glam up their ethnic look. 

Potli bags for women can be crafted in multiple fabrics and materials, including satins, silks, and more. Some of the party wear festive special potlis are embellished with embroideries, beads, rhinestones, and other semi-precious stones to upgrade one’s festive look. The embellished pieces exemplify Indian handiwork and complement traditional outfits elegantly, including sarees, suits, lehengas, etc. Ideally, a potli bag would have an affixed and, often, embellished drawstring for opening and closure. 

Do you face difficulties carrying your essential stuff during a festive get-together or at a wedding? We understand how embarrassing and uncomfortable it feels! The small clutches that look stunning with your ethnic costumes have space restrictions, making it difficult to store even your mobile phone. But with potli bags, say goodbye to such disgraceful moments. 

Moreover, they come in different sizes and capacities. However, unlike small clutches having storage limitations, almost every potli can accommodate all your essentials, including your smartphone, purse, and others. So, whenever you are unable to decide between a clutch and a potli, the latter would be a safe option. Bring home your favorite potli and magnify your festive look! 

Types of Potli Bags to Carry with Different Ethnic Wear 

Ranging from bridal potli bags to parry wear styles, you can style your potli in diverse ways. So, here are some of the best traditional outfit and bag combinations to create that phenomenal look for your next festive season or wedding party. 

Traditional Potlis 

As mentioned, it’s a common tradition of pairing ethnic outfits with potlis. In fact, the trend of using potli bags has been around since the Vedic period. Back then, people used to carry potlis for multiple purposes, such as carrying dry fruits, gold coins, and other essentials. Fast-forward to today, people, especially women, use it mainly as a style statement. 

Handmade Organza Potlis

Organza is a beautiful and elegant fabric that has a luxurious look. In the fashion world, the organza material remains timeless and is considered vintage for its rich and glamorous appearance. Similar to the trendy organza outfits, some handcrafted potlis have been styled with this stunning fabric too, to deliver a rich and high-end look. 

Beaded Potli Sling

With beaded potli sling bags, take your fashion statement to the next level! These bags have beaded embellishments all over the body, and the fabric may come in different hues. The multicolored beaded potlis, for example, have a shiny and intricate look, just the one for your functions, reunions, and parties. Some bags also come with beaded handles and drawstrings for added elegance! 

Plain Cloth Potlis 

A potli bag made of plain cloth comes in handy, as it can be your go-to bag to upgrade a regular outfit. Besides, the simple cloth potlis serve multiple purposes. They are simple yet elegant, adding a charming look to your overall costume. They can be extremely versatile as you can style them up with any attire of your choice. 

Bandhani Potlis

Indian traditional prints and natural dye fabrics are absolutely trendy as they represent different cultures and ethnicities from different corners of the country. Being proud Indians, we admire Indian handcrafts and love showcasing them in the attire we put on. The bandhani cotton potlis are definitely eye-catching and designed in strikingly vibrant and bright colors while also rendering an elegant traditional look. If you absolutely love traditional fabrics and designs, add a bandhani cotton potli bag to your closet! 

Brocade Potlis

The gorgeous brocade designs are absolutely stunning and add a rich look to your festive wear. Even if you wear a simple outfit, teaming it up with a vibrant brocade potli can create a magical mien! Besides, brocade bags render a royal look and add polish and shine to your costume. 

4 Reasons You Should Invest in a Potli Bag 

Recently, we have seen a variety of potlis of different colors, fabrics, and styles. The way these bags glam up your ethnic outfits, it goes without saying that you should keep one or two of them to complete your festive look. So, here are some reasons you should invest in a good potli bag. 

They are Spacious and Functional

One of the main concerns many women have while choosing the right bag to complement their favorite festive wear is whether their bags can carry their basic needs, such as smartphones, makeup items, keys, etc. For potlis, the answer is definitely the affirmative because these bags are not just stylish and gorgeous on the outside but also quite spacious and functional on the inside. 

Potli bags come in a frame-free size and shape that has enough space to carry all your required stuff. Therefore, clutches and other party handbags may still have space restrictions, but with potlis, you can never go wrong! 

Remain Handsfree

Potli purse are extremely convenient to carry as they come with straps or drawstring-style fashionable handles for a strong grip. You can even keep your hands free by hanging a potli on your wrist. This feature is extremely convenient for brides, or for any woman for that matter. It’s not feasible for brides to carry yet another bag while receiving gifts and holding bouquets. 

Similarly, guests who want to enjoy themselves at the food counter must remain hands-free, too. Simply hang that glamorous bag around your wrist and enjoy the experience. And it is the best option for women who hate carrying things at a party or festive get-together. 

They are Not Just for Brides Anymore! 

It’s not even a secret that potli bags are no more for a bride alone! Although potlis were traditionally styled exclusively for brides for their wedding day, today, anybody can carry potlis to upgrade their traditional appearance. While bridal potlis are designed in red or maroon shades with golden or silver-toned embellishments, the modern-day potlis come in various hues, including pink, orange, green, blue, violet, beige, off-white, steel gray, and bold black shades too! 

The sad part of bridal potlis is that they will eventually attract dust after the big day is over. But with potlis of different shades and styles, South-Asian fashion has undergone revolutionary changes, and today, anybody can carry potlis with ease and confidence. That’s why these draw-stringed, spacious bags are indispensable for the festive season. 

They are Versatile

As Indian fashion evolved, people started exploring various shades and trends. For instance, as mentioned earlier, potlis are available in a range of colors today, including pastels, nude shades, and even bold colors, too. Such versatile looks and colors allow the wearer to style it with different outfit combinations, be it in a morning Pooja gathering or at an evening wedding party. Mix and match different styles, bridal shoes and contrasting hues to create elegant or stunning looks according to your choice and personality. 

Key Takeaways

To conclude, potli bags are extremely versatile and convenient, especially for brides who need to remain hands-free. While we could cover only a few of those styles, there are numerous other potli trends you can check out and choose from. Besides, potli bags are a perfect combination of style, elegance, and utility. 

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