Betwinner account verification

Anyone who has reached the age of majority can play in a casino on the Internet today. And for this, it is enough just to choose a worthy site, register on it and make a deposit.

However, in some cases, players are also asked to go through the Betwinner account verification procedure in order to gain access to the unhindered withdrawal of their winnings. More details about what this procedure is, how it is carried out and what features it has, we will consider below.

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What is verification in an online casino, and what is it for?

Verification – confirmation of the identity of the player or his payment system. This procedure may be mandatory or voluntary (it all depends on the conditions and rules in force in the selected online casino). 

Usually, to pass it, you need to send scans of various documents, as well as fill in the information in the player’s profile. The main goals of this procedure are:

  • age confirmation (online casinos in India can only be played from the age of 21 and many gaming clubs verify the age of players through identity verification);
  • multi-accounting (on the Internet, it is usually forbidden to create more than one account for each player, and in order to exclude the possibility of playing on several accounts, verification is requested);
  • security (confirmation of payment data allows you to secure the player’s account from intruders).

As you can see, the verification procedure is useful both for the casino and for the players themselves. 

That is why in many Internet gaming clubs it is mandatory. In addition, it is worth noting that its passage quite often speeds up the processing of applications for the withdrawal of winnings, and also increases the maximum limits for withdrawing money from the balance.

What documents are needed?

To confirm their identity, each client must provide the casino with personal documents. They are used solely to verify the data of the registration form. The following documents are required for verification:

  • A clear photo or scanned copy of your passport. For verification, you must provide the first page with basic information and a photo of the owner. The registration page is optional if the place of registration and place of residence do not match.
  • Bank certificate on the existence of an account. It must contain the current account number and the owner’s data. Money will be withdrawn from the system to this account. The certificate must have an electronic or wet seal of the bank and signatures of responsible persons. All other help items are allowed to be hidden if they are not required during the verification process.
  • Any document confirming the place of residence of the player. Everything that is not needed for verification is allowed to be painted over. The main thing is that there is information about the address of residence and full name, coinciding with the questionnaire.

In general, verification is a simple identity verification process that allows you to replenish and reset your game account. In order to avoid problems in the process of using slot machines, it is best to confirm your identity immediately after registration.

Types of verification in online casinos

Today, several types of verifications may be present in different online casinos. Moreover, each of them can be mandatory or voluntary, depending on the current rules. At the same time, the procedures for passing them are practically the same, and they all also take no more than 5 minutes to create and send a scan and countless hours to be checked by the employees of the gaming club. Each passed verification opens up additional opportunities for players, or makes the game account more secure. Let’s take a closer look at all the popular types of confirmations in online casinos.

Question answer

Why is verification needed?

As mentioned above, verification is a mandatory procedure for a licensed casino. With the help of a simple procedure, the player must confirm his honest intentions to play in the online casino. In addition, this is one of the methods of dealing with fraudsters using other people’s data.

Identity verification?

The most common type of verification requested at most casinos. In this case, players are only required to send a scan or photo of their passport. Also, it can be replaced by other documents confirming the identity.


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