Ankr (ANKR) price prediction – is it a good investment?

Blockchain technology affects an increasing number of economic processes. However, it is still far from ideal and not very clear to users. Therefore, many corporations are very cautious about blockchain and are in no hurry to implement it in real business.

The Ankr project aims to change the cloud computing market. To provide blockchain services, the Ankr network uses the idle computing power of devices and data centers.

On the one hand, project participants can provide free computing power for a fee, on the other hand, they can use network power to deploy their own blockchain nodes.

Using the Ankr network is much more cost-effective compared to cloud service providers. The platform uses Intel Software Guard Extension technology and robust hardware to technically implement the sharing economy. The stability and high fault tolerance of the system is provided by geographically distributed data processing centers.

Ankr roadmap 2021 is largely complete and the team is now focused on improving existing functionality.

ANKR coin

The native Ankr token is used to pay for the use of the project’s blockchain capacities in the network. It is an ERC20 token. In addition, Ankr rewards miners who keep the network functioning and secure.

ANKR price analysis

In 2021, the token showed impressive dynamics. In March, the price reached an all-time high of $0.19 per coin. In summer and autumn, the price followed the general market trends and now the coin is trading between $0.058 and $0.063. This is comparable to the local low of July 2021 and several orders of magnitude higher than the starting price.

The reliable technology on which the project is based, significant capitalization and the deflationary nature of the asset give grounds to consider it as a potentially profitable tool for long-term investment.

It is expected that as the project progresses and the further introduction of cryptocurrencies, the price of the coin will increase. The low cost of tokens is another argument in favor of ANCR.

The total supply is limited to 10 billion coins and all of them are already in circulation.

ANKR Price Prediction

Predicting the price movement dynamics of any trading pair, be it Binance/SHIB or ANKR/USD, is not an easy task. Experts express directly opposite opinions about the prospects of digital assets, and the market quite often consistently refutes all the most daring statements.

ANKR price forecast for 2022

Despite another market downturn, analysts are quite optimistic about the immediate prospects of the coin. The most realistic price seems to be around $0.084. They do not even rule out that by the end of the year Ankr may reach $0.1067.

ANKR price forecast for 2023

Analysts expect continued growth in 2023. However, opinions about its possible pace vary quite a lot. WalletInvestor expects to reach $0.157, while TradingBeast experts call a more modest figure of $0.08467.

ANKR price forecast for 2024

The further the forecasting horizon moves, the larger the gap between optimistic and pessimistic forecasts becomes. Analysts believe that 2024 will be a successful year for ANKR. The WalletInvestor and research results are almost identical. Analysts expect the coin to be worth around $0.2. TradingBeast are more reserved and predict a price slightly above $0.11.

The project offers an interesting solution to the problems that corporate users of cloud services face. The company has a good chance of becoming one of the largest players in the decentralized cloud services market.


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