2022 MLB Season: Everything you need to know

The MLB season is back, and many sports enthusiasts want to see more of them. However, many thought that the baseball lockout would stop their favorite show. We have seen a long time full of negotiations, the possibility of canceling, and missed deadlines. Fans will be so happy to see their favorite show in 2022. And many sites are back with their Mlb lines. If you want to know more about what to expect, we have you covered. 

When does MLB start?

MLB starts on April 7. The opening match is between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. This marks the start of an exciting baseball season, and we will see what comes next. Sites like BetUS have already come up with their odds and predictions. The season is expected to last until October 2. They expanded the playoffs and removed the tie-breaking. Two days after the final game of the MLB, the postseason begins. 

With a total of 162 games in the 2022 MLB, things will get very intense. The first-ever season was played with 100 games, and later that number grew. Today’s schedule was brought in 1969. However, it had a disruption in 2020 when only 60 games were played due to the pandemic. 

The trade deadline is set to be August 2. They had a flexible schedule to define the trade deadline, which fell on this specific date. However, time has changed in recent years. Even though the trade started at 4 PM, it is now postponed for two hours. 

The teams

A total of 30 teams will compete in the MLB. We will see some older teams competing in this famous event. The Boston Red Stockings were renamed the Atlanta Braves, and many others will show off their performance at the MLB. We will see the New York Yankees, formed in 1901. The newest addition to the MLB is Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Rays 1998.

The umpires are a part of the team. They are known for their high salaries, so fans might want to know the average pay for an MLB umpire. The season salary ranges from $110,000 to $432,800 for this position. However, the excellent wage isn’t the only advantage, as the umpires receive a wide range of benefits for their work. They can travel first class, and have an allowance for hotel costs, paid vacation, and bonuses. 

MLB draft

Many want to know when the MLB draft will happen. The set date is July 17, and the draft will last for two days. The final standings from the last season will define the order. The following five seasons will have 20 drafts. You will be surprised to hear this since they went with 40 drafts for now. However, the management decided it was better to cut down on the drafts. The reason behind this is the rising costs and, of course, the pandemic. 

MLB history

Pete Rose from the Cincinnati Reds has 4,256 hits, holding the MLB record. He is one of the players that managed to get more than 4000 hits. For now, there have been only 23 perfect games in the MLB. The first one happened in 1904, an intense battle between the Cy Young and Philadelphia Athletics. The spring training starts in the second half of February. Also, fans have the unique opportunity to attend the training sessions. The tickets are cheaper than those issued for the MLB game, but the seating capacity is limited.


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