Why should you consider trying anonymous posting?

Why should you consider trying anonymous posting?


Have you ever thought of publishing an opinion article on a particular topic, but you hesitated for fear of discovering your identity? Well, that’s okay, you are not the only one on the planet who is facing the same situation. Indeed, many people daily publish thousands of articles, on the Internet, under pseudonyms. In line with people’s desire to publish anonymously, a number of sites have been established to encourage this act, the most important of which is The Doe.


In the past years, countries have realized the importance of anonymous publishing, and have supported this right through laws that do not allow the prosecution of those who publish their opinions. For example, the US Congress passed a law guaranteeing anonymous publishing as a form of freedom of expression, with an emphasis on fighting any future project aimed at suppressing this right.


Hence, it becomes clear to us that anonymous posting has today become one of the foundations for building democratic societies. When the writer thinks of publishing an article on a sensitive issue and signs it in his/her name, he or she will often be afraid of people’s reaction and therefore will retract the writing. But the anonymous publication will allow writers to talk about any issue more comfortably and freely. Thus they will be able to generate serious discussion among the members of the community. Some of them will support and some will oppose. So anonymous posting will enhance the spirit of democracy, and this is something positive.


Unlike democratic societies that allow a plurality of opinions, dictatorial countries accept only one opinion. For example, if any citizen publicly rejects a decision of the ruler, this will expose him/her to prosecution and imprisonment. That is why a writer will resort to anonymous posting. In this way, they will protect themselves from the oppression practiced by the repressive authority.


Not only that, but anonymous posting helps you direct criticism of a specific party that you may be reluctant to talk about. For example, if you work in a company and the manager is bad when it comes to dealing with you, you often will not be able to speak publicly about it, for fear of losing your job or being punished. Here comes the role of anonymous publishing. In this case, you can write an article and publish it on a site claiming that you are a former employee who worked for the company. Perhaps the manager may improve the way he deals with you after reading the article for fear of his reputation.


Anonymous publishing helps people who are shy to talk more easily about their situation. Suppose a person suffers from a certain problem in his relationship with his wife, he will often be ashamed to go to a specialist. He may think that the specialist will make fun of him. But with anonymous posting on the forums, the husband can post the story of his suffering and ask people for advice. He might receive dozens of tips on how to solve his problems. All of this will happen at a time when his identity is still unknown!


So after all you’ve read, are you considering trying anonymous posting?


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