Top Latino Movies to Watch If You are Hispanic

If you are a Spanish speaking American, and are tired of typical English culture based music, movies, shows, and books, there are several pieces of art, literature, content that you can go through which is not typically English, and has culture to it. 

There are several Latino movies that are not typically English and have a very strong storyline and messages, which you should watch if you are bored of the mainstream. Below mentioned are a few Latino movies that you will love if you are bored of the cliché. 


Coco is a story that revolves around young Miguel’s dream of becoming a musician one day. Despite his family’s ages of ban on music, Miguel does not give up on his dream and follows his idol Ernesto de la Cruz by heart. Miguel, being desperate to prove his talent, stumbles in the land of dead. Miguel makes a new friend Hector, and the two embark on their journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history and their ban on music. Miguel learns then, that his great-great grandfather was a legendary singer. The movie has a great lesson about bringing people together through music and love. 

If you love heartfelt movies with a good and motivating message, Coco is one movie you should definitely watch. Also, if you are a Latino, the best TV service to watch this movie is Spectrum TV. The service is affordable, and fast, and the best part is that Spectrum Servicio al cliente are available 24/7 and they take calls in Spanish. 

I Carry You With Me

I Carry You With Me is a movie based on a true story of a Mexican chef Ivan, and a teacher Gerardo who fall in love. The movie is all about finding the right person at the wrong time when Ivan moves to New York City to start a new life. It is a beautiful sad love story that will make you angry at societal norms and pressures. If you are a Hispanic person, and care about social issues such as these, you should definitely watch this one movie. However, keep some tissues before watching because you will need those. 

The Book Of Life

This movie is set in the Mexican town of San Angel where the protagonist Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin are three childhood friends. Their lives change with time and the three take completely different paths in life with Maria sent to Europe, Joaquin joining the military, and Manolo studying to become a bullfighter. With everything changed, one thing in Manolo and Joaquin’s life remains the same, which is to marry Maria. As the events take a turn, in order to save his love, Manolo sacrifices himself and is sent to the land of the remembered.  In the land of remembered, Manolo reunites with his dead ancestors and tries to get his life back. The movie is fun to watch and comes with a great lesson of how we can love those who we live with and consider hard to love. 

Beatriz at Dinner 

Beatriz at Dinner is a movie about a girl Beatriz who lives in Los Angeles, and works as a massage therapist, and holistic healer. Beatriz drives to the sea side mansion of her client Cathy, and realizes that her car broke down. When Cathy finds out she invites Beatriz in for an innocent business dinner, as the guests start talking and the conversation takes pace, Beatriz finds herself engaged in a verbal war with one of the guests Doug Stutt, who only cares about money more than the people in his life. Doug’s behavior is unsettling for Beatriz and disturbs her a lot. The movie is very heavy to watch and might leave you feeling sorrowful, angry and confused, but is definitely a must watch. 

Guava Island 

Guava Island is one of the most underrated masterpieces ever produced. The movie is an American Musical romance, thriller film where a young musician organizes a music festival on an island called Guava Island, to help the people break free of their oppressed lives. The movie makes you feel countless emotions in one time, with the jingles they sing to calm the masses who work in the land colonised with factories. It is beautiful the way the protagonist invites everyone at night to his festival where he performs and everyone gets a break from his or her labor. The movie discusses music, comedy, romance, and most importantly, fighting for freedom from political violence. If you love musical films that revolve around social issues and want to enjoy with the film, this is the ultimate movie for you. 

The movies mentioned above are not at all cliché, and are best if you want to watch something that shows the Latino culture. They have a good plot, lesson and are a must watch.  

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