The near future of online game design 2022 in India

The online gaming industry in India has grown exponentially during the last few years. The younger generation of Indians has embraced a variety of online games which include video games, daily fantasy sports, online casino games, eSports and, sports betting.

Guest author Ram Rao Oak takes a look at the immediate future of online game design in India.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a major lockdown in India during 2020 and the first half of 2021. Millions of Indians went online to find their entertainment during the lockdown and started spending lots of time playing their favorite online games.

Online Slot Designs

Online slots continue to be the most popular online casino games at Indian casinos. Developers have started customizing their game design and theme to cater to the growing number of slot users in India. You will find several desi-themed slots in casinos reviewed on that specifically cater to Indian users. 

Wide Range of Games

Game developers and publishers are cashing in on India’s rising interest in gaming by developing a wide range of games based on Indian themes. Visit any Indian online casino sites, and you will find digital versions of local favorites like Andar Bahar, Jhandi Munda, Teen Patti, and online slots based on Indian themes. You can play these games on all kinds of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Expect to see a lot more variety and desi-themed games coming out in 2022.

Number of Online Gamers Fast Rising in India

Statista, the world’s number-one international business data platform, says that Indian online gamers will increase to 440 million by 2022. India had around 300 million online gamers in 2019. The number is steadily rising and likely to hit the 440 million mark in 2022.

The steady growth in the number of online gamers in India presents several opportunities that game publishers and studios are eager to grab. Sophisticated mobile hardware has converted smartphones into the ultimate gaming platforms for Indian gamers who love the ease and convenience of playing on the move.

Between 2016 and 2018, Indians downloaded more online gaming apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store than players in the rest of the world. Expect to see more mobile casino apps in 2022.

Gamers Can Now Monetize Their Passion

Facebook Gaming and YouTube are giving gamers several opportunities to market and monetize their passion. In addition, many eSports leagues have launched to capitalize on the rising popularity of smartphone gaming in India.

Indians no longer consider gaming as entertainment alone but also a way to earn extra money. In the future, gaming may become a career option among youth interested in streaming, game development, or competitive gaming.

Developments in Mobile Technology

Gaming in India has a bright future because of technological developments. PCs, tablets, and smartphones have become affordable and accessible to people of all income groups. As a result, more Indians can download gaming apps and access the best online casino in India.

Moreover, the 5G network is on the verge of becoming accessible in India. As 5G is the fastest way to go online, it enables Indians to access online gaming sites faster and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

The latest technological developments like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) promise to change the way Indians play games online. These technologies make players feel as if they are within the game environment, allow them to interact with the game characters, and experience the gaming situations as if they are happening in real life.

Government of India May Enact Gambling Laws

The current gambling laws in India are ineffective, unclear, and full of loopholes that one can take advantage of. As far as online gambling is concerned, India is a grey territory.

However, the government is taking notice of the rising popularity of online casino sites and gaming apps in India. There have also been several public litigation interests (PILs) filed in different states urging the court to do more to stop online gambling as anti-gambling opponents believe Indian players are being exploited by gambling operators as there are no proper laws in place to protect their interests.

The Indian government is also losing out on millions of dollars each month as gambling is not regulated and they are unable to collect gambling taxes. When Indian lawmakers finally wake up and realize the importance and benefits of legalizing and regulating the huge Indian gaming market, they may enact laws and set up regulatory bodies to protect vulnerable sections of society, license game publishers and studios, and generate tax revenue for the government.


We will see more desi-themed games and designs hitting the Indian market in 2022. If India does move forward iGaming legislation, expect a massive flood of online games in 2022.


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