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Technology has reached great heights and, in doing so, has helped forge the way forward to decentralised currencies across the globe. And in the true spirit of digital progress, the crypto phenomenon Tron has been racing ahead to become one of the largest blockchain-based systems in the world. Using TRX will change how you see crypto with its quick transactions and fair trade. 

TRON is a decentralized application (DApps) that serves as a bridge between the content creator and the consumer. It was created by Justin Sun back in September 2017 along with the Tron Foundation. The currency that the application uses is called Tronix (TRX) and the currency is on the up and up, with lightning-fast transaction times and incredible encrypted technological innovation through and through. 

Justin Sun’s dream for Tron is for it to become a crypto universe for all things entertainment where content creators are paid in full for the work they post and in return, consumers can view what they paid for whilst enjoying it to the fullest. 

Remember that, this month, you can get your share of TRON paid out to you as a pure cash reward with no strings attached, just by logging onto your Bitcasino account. 

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Quick and Easy Ways to Pay With TRX

For TRON, it supports all content creators⁠—mainly in entertainment and gaming. It’s known for fast transactions that happen in a snap. 

TRON keeps everything fair for both the content creator and customer when it comes to profit. It does not act as a third-party and does not add additional fees for transactions. Any profit the content creator has made will be paid in full instead of being split amongst third-parties. 

To recap, just some of the many benefits around the TRON mega-force is that it offers a decentralised platform for all things entertainment, gaming, and everything in between. The currency itself is able to handle in excess of 2,000 transactions per second. Now that’s a lot of Blockchain bang for your buck. And, with the quickest transaction times and next to no fees, TRON is just getting started.


Before you start using TRX, you’ll need to find a good crypto wallet. Fortunately, there are all kinds of Tron wallets you can access from both desktop and mobile devices. One of the benefits of using Tron wallets is that they are able to contain multiple cryptocurrencies. 

When you look for a TRON wallet, make sure to check if the wallet is compatible with TRX tokens. Always check if the wallets are from credible sources. Finish these two important steps then you can peruse through each type of wallet to check which one is user-friendly for you.  

Try out any of the following community-developed wallets:

  • Tronlink (Desktop Chrome, Android, and iOS) – Serves global TRON users
  • TRON Wallet (Android and iOS) – Lets you use a large selection of DApps
  • TronPay (Desktop Chrome) – Send and receive TRX and TRC10 tokens.

Here are some TRON-dev collaboration wallets you can use:

  • Trust Wallet – It has a bank-level application security
  • Bitpie Wallet IOS/Android – It has first-class security for your private keys
  • Freewallet – You can buy TRX using your credit or debit card for USD or EUR
  • Exodus Wallet – It has a built-in exchange system for to store and exchange.

After you’ve chosen your preferred TRON wallet, there are various ways to make sure all your information such as private keys is safe with you. 

  • Access your private keys and back it up somewhere else 
  • Store all your private keys in cold storage like a USB or hard drive
  • Create secure PINs or two-factor authentication.

Once you’ve settled it down, there are 3 places where you can buy TRX:

  • Binance – It’s currently the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world
  • Bitfinex – It has 3.3x margin trading and access to the peer-to-peer funding market
  • Bittrex – It has multiple layers of security and supports real-time transactions.

In order to get TRX, you have to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum first then convert it into TRX. Bitcoin and Ethereum can be bought in those same sites or in other sites like Coinbase and Coinmama. You can now go on and make your first TRX purchase to build up its portfolio value. Make more TRX trades as you go using automated cryptocurrency bots, which uses the most complex trading algorithms to help beginners grow their portfolio.

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