How to Fix the Worst Shutdown Error in Exchange Server?

How to Fix the Worst Shutdown Error in Exchange Server

In this article, I’m going to share a guide to fix the worst Shutdown Error in Exchange Server. This shutdown error is the unexpected shutdown of the Exchange Database (.EDB files)etc. Most probably, we think that this error clarifies damage in EDB files.

However, This fact is totally different from the Belief that maybe the Exchange database wasn’t closed honestly. It will become our responsibility to fix it.


After that, If you think about that, the transaction log file is the last way to fix a bad Shutdown Error in the database. Then, this article is helpful for you. To fix a database error using new-mailboxrepairrequest.

Post effects of worst Shutdown Error in database

In this Shutdown Error looks like that the exchange database files (EDB & STM files) have defected. After Put in this condition like that if you have to take ESEUTIL as a solution to fix and repair the database files with the help of command: Eseutil /k

You get the error look like this:

  • ERROR: Database wasn’t shutdown clearly (bad shutdown).

  • When the Operation declined with error code -550 (JET_errorDatabasebadShutdown, The Database wasn’t closed clearly). Then the first priority is to run and complete the database clearly.

  • Database Exchange is not capable of initiating & organizing the database files that you express.

Discuss which Methods to Fix Bad Shutdown in database Error

First off, you have to check on and if the Exchange is completely clear in shutdown condition, In this access the Command key by using the following syntax: Eseutil /mh “way of the database”

As Result, If the database is displayed on “Clearly Shutdown”, then the database is disconnected from the transaction log & constant. If the Database is displayed as “bad Shutdown”, then the database is until now held to the log file and is not regular.

It’s Depending upon some scenarios, Some of the methods discussed below to fix Error HR=0X80004005.

1. When the Database is unchanging & still with Clear Log files

When the log files are in a clear state, then a recovery of the database must be sufficient to fix the error. During recovery, After that unpredicted interruption of the database, transaction logs are again played to the database. In this, ESEUtil command-line advantage is used with /ml switch to checkup the state of the log files direct the syntax: eseutil /ml “way of the log files\log prefix

So that, you can easily recovery by using directly to the syntax: eseutil /r enn /L[way to log files] /s[way to checkpoint file] /d[way to database file] /i

2. When the Log files are not in a clear state

When the log files are not available and in a clear state, It’s hard to recover the database. In this hard recovery, the transaction log files are repeated by restoring the database from an online backup. This is the main difference between hard and soft recovery.

And the original and the last database backup is now available, It can restore from EDB, LOG, and STM files. Once, complete the process automatically, a file ‘restore.env’ will be created in a temporary folder by the name ‘C:\Temp’.

Note: You have a copy of restore.env and log files. Sometimes the hard recovery process faces data loss and it’s better to be safe.

In this syntax of hard recovery: Eseutil /cc “way of the restore.env  folder”. When the total procedure completes, the temporary folder that contains restore.env will be empty.

3. When the backup isn’t available

If the above methods do not work, use ESEUtil as follow: eseutil /p

Click ‘OK’ on the pop-up and then the entire procedure will start. and process finishes, run eseutil with \mh switch to check the database again. At This time, the shutdown should be clear. The worst error of the database is now fixed.

4. Available Offline Defragmentation

At last methods, the database is defragmented on the server and the unused pages are cut to reduce disk space. A new database is created that is free of old data and unused.

What is the Expert Solution in Shutdown Error?

If you want to opt for a professional method and want to create the procedure risk-free, you can use Convert EDB to PST. This tool helps for repairs of the damaged EDB Files and all mailboxes into PST format. And newly Created PST can be imported into Outlook and a different, properly functioning server. 




In this article, we explained all the information about the worst Shutdown Error in Database Exchange Server. We discussed its significance & How can we solve it ?. In this, we have used Eseutil to fix this error. But these methods have some limitations. Users may cause difficulty, So we recommend an expert tool to overcome bad shutdown errors. So it depends on you which method you want to like.

Thanks for reading.


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