Here’s What Makes Luminous One Of The Best Inverter Companies in India

An inverter is one of the most important electronic devices in a residential setup. It offers the required backup when there’s no power supply. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you buy a superior quality inverter that doesn’t ditch you in the middle of a power outage. We, therefore, recommend all our readers to go with a reputable company like Luminous India which is trusted by millions of customers, across the world, in terms of product quality and after-sales support. Let’s delve deeper to find out what makes Luminous India one of the best inverter companies in India.

1. They manufacture high-quality innovative products.

Luminous India has been around for more than three decades now. Over these three decades, the company has strived to achieve higher quality standards by introducing high-quality innovative products that offer superior performance, revolutionary design, and a longer lifespan. In fact, recently one of Luminous India’s inverter series, the ICon received the Golden Star Awards in the Best Product of the year and innovative product design categories. 48V golf cart batteries

2. They are known for their excellent customer service.

The after-sales support that a company offers is a good way to gauge how much a company cares for its customers. Luminous India is certainly one of those companies for which customers come first. No wonder it has a huge customer base of 70 million-plus satisfied customers. But don’t just believe us, go online to read online customer reviews to find the truth for yourself. 

3. They offer a wide range of home inverter batteries.

Whether you are looking for a basic inverter to run fans, tube lights, and bulbs, or you are looking for a high capacity inverter to run heavy loads such as ACs, microwaves, and geysers, Luminous India offers it all. For instance, if you are looking for a low-capacity inverter you can go with the Eco Watt or Zelio. Similarly, if you want to buy a high-capacity inverter, you can check out the iCruze series or the Power X by Luminous India. 

4. They come with unique features.

Home inverters have gotten smarter with time. And while every company offers some unique features in their inverter, Luminous is one of the most feature-rich inverter brands in India. Some of the unique features that Luminous offers include – Wi-Fi connectivity, Minimal maintenance, In-built or integrated batteries, fast battery charging, hassle-free water top-up, and many more. Make sure, you compare the different inverter series on the basis of the features they offer before you come to a buying decision.

5. They offer the best value for money.

Luminous India inverters are not just reasonably priced but they also offer the best value for money. In fact, this is one of the most important things that many customers ignore – value for money. They focus more on the price and less on the value the inverter offers. Let’s say there are two inverter battery combos A and B available in the market. If A offers twice the warranty as B but at a 10% higher price, which one would you select? Well, we would recommend that you go for A as it is expected to last twice as long as B, and all you have to pay is 10% extra. 

Last Word

These were some of the many reasons Luminous is one of the most sought-after inverter companies in India. So if you are looking to buy a home inverter or a battery, do check out their products before you make a final buying decision. We are quite confident that you would like their product portfolio and would love the way they help their customers make an informed buying decision. 


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