English Premier League games – match calendar

APL matches: calendar 2023/2024

The soccer world is rich in interesting tournaments of different scale and orientation. National Championships and Cups, European competitions of the best clubs of the continent, games of international teams – there is always enough content for viewers. A special place for most soccer fans is the English Premier League. This is one of the most competitive and spectacular tournaments in today’s Europe. In this material we will talk about the APL calendar, available at https://myfootball.co/. We will tell about the second half of the championship, determine the prospects for the end of the APL and discuss sites for betting on the Premier League.

The second round of the tournament

The first half of the championship is actually behind us, the most interesting begins. In England there is such a period as Boxing Day. It falls on the end of December – beginning of January. At this time, clubs have 3-4 meetings in a short period of time – literally 4-6 days. And often the fate of clubs depends on the results of this period. Usually, the teams that perfectly pass Boxing Day, solve their tournament tasks with an A+.

In the season 2023/2024 Boxing Day falls on the 18th-20th rounds in the APL. But there are also cup matches attached to them – in the FA Cup and League Cup. The load on clubs and players is enormous. In general, before the end of the championship there are still a couple of midweeks – these are periods when 3 rounds are played in 1 week. In other words, this season’s calendar is particularly challenging as we have the European Football Championship ahead of us. Because of this, England have decided to compress the schedule of games – and this applies not only to the Premier League, but also to the Championship, other lower leagues, as well as matches within the national cups.

The impact of the calendar on the position of the teams

Obviously, the English Premier League calendar is one of the most important and crucial decisions that can define a season. Some experts with conspiracy tendencies have a lot of theories about how functionaries in soccer leagues are enriched with the help of calendaring: after all, they know before anyone else what the schedule will be like and can play on it. However, such theories hardly have a right to life. By the way, you can also bet on the APL for money – on the website of BC 1win. Here you can download a mobile app for Android or iOS devices and play on your phone. The bookmaker offers a wide line of events, as well as a widespread play sheet with a huge selection of bets.

However, in the current season we can see a situation that some clubs do have a slightly easier calendar at the end of the season. Interestingly, Manchester City and Liverpool have a slightly gentler schedule – the Reds even have a slightly easier one. Arsenal London, on the other hand, have a less positive calendar. As for the clubs that have the highest chances of leaving the Premier League for the Championship, the situation is a bit more interesting. Let’s take a sample of the last 4 rounds and compare:

“Luton Town” will play with “Wolverhampton”, “Everton”, “West Ham” and “Fulham”;
“Everton” will meet Brentford, Luton, Sheffield and Arsenal;
“Burnley will play against Manchester United, Newcastle, Tottenham and Nottingham Forest;
“Sheffield United will play against Newcastle, Nottingham Forest, Everton and Tottenham.”

Thus, the calendar is easier for Luton Town, slightly more difficult for Everton. “Sheffield United” has a difficult schedule, but the most fierce end of the season will face the players of “Burnley”. Accordingly, you can draw conclusions about the probability of departure of this or that team. You will be able to predict this and bet at 1win online. By registering on the service, you can fund your account for the first time and get a deposit bonus.

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