Countries That Limit Video Slots Gambling

Slot machines are the perfect gambling option, especially for new players looking for an easy game to make a few bucks. These slots online games are popular all over the world and make up for a wide portion of the gambling options offered on online casinos. However, some countries prohibit this form of entertainment or gambling.

The truth is that the prohibitions have more to do with political and religious aspects than with ethical issues. Next, we will see the countries that prohibit these types of games, what are their legal measures and is there a way around the restrictions?

Countries Where Slots are Banned

These are the countries where online slots have been banned due to political or religious reasons:


Brazil is one of the strictest countries when it comes to gambling-related activities. The Criminal Contravention Act of 1941 forbids citizens from participating in any sort of online and offline gambling activities. However, the players are not prosecuted or punished by law. Therefore, online slots are pretty popular in the country.


The legal status of online gambling in the US is pretty confusing because each state has its own laws. In a few states such as Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, online gambling is punishable by law and can land you in prison. In other states such as New Jersey, Colorado, Michigan, and Indiana, online gambling is allowed to some extent but creating your own online casino is still illegal.


Unlike the USA, Online Gambling laws in Russia are pretty straightforward as every form of online gambling is simply banned and restricted throughout the country without any exceptions. Opening an account on an online casino in Russia is a punishable offense and can land you in jail for quite a long time.


All forms and sorts of online gambling are prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. The government enforces this law by taking down foreign gambling sites and restricting international operators from operating within the country. Residents, however, are not prosecuted for taking part in online gambling-related activities. So, a simple VPN might do the trick.


China, too, has banned all sorts of online and offline gambling, with the only exception being the two government-run lotteries that allow residents to take a punt once they turn 21 years old. Hong Kong and Macau, however, have a special status and allow residents to indulge in gambling-related activities.


Gambling, in general, is banned Indian subcontinent; however, the laws that enforce the restrictions are pretty outdated and do not cover online slots gambling. Due to this loophole, online gambling is considered legal in India and continuously grows and prospers in the region.

Saudi Arabia

Being an Islamic country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has wholly banned all sorts and forms of both online and offline gambling. Any gambling-related activity can put you behind bars for more than 5 years. However, there has hardly been a case where an individual is prosecuted on gambling charges, and therefore, Saudi citizens do indulge in online gambling activities through VPN and Proxy services.

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