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Cricket is a unique sport that a wide range of people are interested in, and if it’s not about playing, they even love watching it. Cheering for your favorite team, purchasing tickets for the stadium, and having popcorn while you watch the match live is a whole different vibe. 


Nowadays, it’s not just watching cricket, but people have become complete sports freaks and always want to grab as many sports as they can. They are always searching for the latest sports news cricket and want to stay updated with the released news. 


However, people are always wondering where to find the latest cricket news. If you are one of these people, then you have landed at the right spot. Following are some of the most top-notch pieces of cricket news. Let’s dig deep!


Shivam Dubey Considers Playing a Great Learning Experience!

Shivam Dubey, a 29-year-old cricketer, was found playing quite an inconsistent time in the entire cricket event. He was found playing quite some of the most match-winning bowls for the team CSK. However, the young man was highly criticized for his poor bowling skills and did not reach the mark.  7m


With this, Shivam was interviewed by IANS, wherein he being the all-rounder, had claimed and made it public that his major objective is to be a part of the Indian cricket team once more and put in extensive efforts and win the match for India. Not just this, but through the answers given by Shivam in the interview, there is a lot that can be known about the young man. 


He considered his team’s performance (CSK) in the IPL quite not so great. He further said that “We gave our best performances to qualify , but we did not get there.” He had found a wide range of positives and negatives in this entire cricket game. Not just this, but he also shared his experience about his own performance in the match. He gave his best performance with the bat but couldn’t deliver many good results when it came to the ball. 


He shared that his ultimate aim was to be selected for the Indian Cricket team once again and to play and give his best performances to win games for my nation. He further added, “I train every day, adhering to an extremely strict diet and working to improve. I am getting ready for the season ahead and am planning to give a mind-blowing performance”. 


Apart from all the things mentioned above, he also shared the supreme importance of joining a sports management company when you decide to step into the massive sphere of cricket. 


He said that “You’ll need to have a sports management company for being a professional athlete.” He further shared that there’s a huge amount of work to handle when you are responsible for two things at the same time. He expressed his happiness and shared that he was happy that he got to be a part of the cricket team with FairPlay Sports. 


He was also asked how he faced all the criticism around the IPL game and what changes he required to change the intercourse of his entire game. “Every time I am on the field I put in my best efforts, but sometimes, it’s just not the day for you,” he shared. He further answered that there have also been various occasions when he had performed exceedingly well while batting but didn’t do well in bowling. 


Shikhar Dhawan Has Given Amazing Response to a Fan Holding a Sign and Asking For His Shirt

Shikhar Dhawan, who’s the Indian opener, has been reportedly seen responding to a fan’s request and giving quite a hilarious and amazing response to a fan’s request. The fan was found asking for his shirt during the third ODI against Zimbabwe in Harare on August 22, 2022. It was found out that India had won a close contest by an amount of 13 runs while they pocketed the series 3-0.


KL Rahul, who is the captain of the Indian Cricket team, has won the toss for the third straight time. This time he decided to switch to bat first. India has made a wide range of changes, with Deepak Chahar and Avesh Khan coming in for Mohammed Siraj and Prasidh Krishna.


India was found as their complete cricket performance was spectacular, and they had batted well. The innings served as Shikhar Dhawan (40) and captain Rahul (30) while adding 63 runs for the first wicket. 


After this, Shubman Gill took over, and Ishan Kishan (50) also added quite valuable 140 runs for the third wicket. This is where the tables turned. After this, Gill had changed the gears and had also scored his maiden ODI century off just 82 balls. 

During India’s innings, it was found out that Shikhar Dhawan was sitting on the Indian dressing room’s balcony. At that moment itself, the cameraman had caught a fan who was found holding a complete sign which said “Shikhar, can I have your shirt?”


This exclusive sign and fan’s request was also spotted by Dhawan, who had decided to proceed to remove his practice jersey halfway through before first smiling and then putting it back on. Not only this but Dhawan was also seen wearing the no. 54 jersey when he came out to bat with the name of the original player, which was taped so as to keep it hidden.


The above-mentioned are some of the most sought-after and informative pieces of cricket news. These exclusive pieces must have provided you with a complete overview of the details of the recently held cricket matches. 


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