Google Input Tools Offline Installer Download – Windows 7,8,10(Free)

I know you guys are searching for a website to download Google Input Tools offline installer for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 but Google officially stopped the Google Input Tools offline installer. It means you can’t download the offline installer from the official website.

Google Input Tools is the best tool for typing regional languages. A lot of softwares available on the internet for typing regional languages but input tools is the best because of its user-friendly features.

I don’t know the reason why Google stopped the support for the offline installer. Currently, a lot of peoples are looking for the input tools offline installer so I have decided to create this website to help those peoples.

Don’t worry! I have collected all the regional languages input tools offline installer. You can download the Google Input Tools offline installer from this website for free.

Google now trying to promote the input tools online version. It means you have to open the Input Tools Online then choose the language you want to convert and start typing. After that, simply copy and paste the words into the respective place.

Do you know? Google developed a Google Chrome extension for input tools. If you want to use the Input Tools in Google Chrome simply add the extension to the chrome browser and enjoy it.

After trying all these if you still think Google Input Tools offline installer is best simply download the respective input tools offline installer and enjoy.

Google Input Tools Offline Installer Download – Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10

NameGoogle Input Tools Offline Installer
SupportsWindows 7,8,10
Google Input Tools Primary Offline InstallerDownload
Hindi Offline InstallerDownload
Tamil Offline InstallerDownload
Bengali Offline InstallerDownload
Gujarati Offline InstallerDownload
Kannada Offline InstallerDownload
Malayalam Offline InstallerDownload
Marathi Offline InstallerDownload
Oriya Offline InstallerDownload
Punjabi Offline InstallerDownload
Sanskrit Offline InstallerDownload
Telugu Offline InstallerDownload
Urdu Offline InstallerDownload
Amheric Offline InstallerDownload
Arabic Offline InstallerDownload
Farsi Offline InstallerDownload
Greek Offline InstallerDownload
Hebrew Offline InstallerDownload
Nepali Offline InstallerDownload
Russian Offline InstallerDownload
Serbian Offline InstallerDownload
Sinhalese Offline InstallerDownload
Tigrinya Offline InstallerDownload

Installation Process – Step By Step Guide

Actually, It is very easy to install the software. Just follow the steps I have mentioned below to install the software successfully.

  1. Download and Install the primary installer first
  2. After that, download and install the respective language you want to add into the Google input tools

Important Note:- Must install the primary installer first.

For example, If I want to add Tamil Input Tools into the computer then I have to download the primary installer and Input tools Tamil installer.

Install the “Google Input Tools Primary Installer”. The software will copy the necessary files into the respective folder automatically and show you the success message.

After that, Install the respective language tool. For example, I have installed the “Tamil” language. The language tool also copy the necessary files into the respective folders and show you the same message.

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That’s it guys. Input Tools successfully installed into the computer. To change the language easily, use the “Windows+Space Bar”.

Advantages of Using Google Input Tools Offline Installer

Actually there are a lot of advantages that’s why people love to use the offline installer instead of online tools and chrome extension.

  • Internet not needed
  • You can type in anywhere directly
  • Easy to change the language with the help of “Windows+Space Bar” buttons
  • 100% accuracy
  • Fast Typing

These are the advantages of using the offline installer tool.

How to use Google Input Tools in Android?

Actually, Google Input Tools is available for Indian languages on Android but not with that name. Just search the “Google Indic Keyboard” and install it.

[appbox googleplay]

I strongly recommend this software for Android to type Indian regional languages easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Input Tools?

Google Input Tools is a tool available for computer(Windows, MacOS) and Android to type regional languages easily.

How to download Google Input Tools Offline Installer?

Actually, Google stopped the offline installer so you can’t download from the official website but don’t worry you can download all Google input tools offline installer from “”.

Does Google Input Tools offline installer works on Windows 10?

Yeah, the software working perfectly on the Windows 10. Not only in Windows 10 its works perfectly on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to install Google Input Tools Offline Installer?

You have to install the software two times. It means you have to install the “Google Input Tools Primary Installer” first after that install the language you want to add into the input tools.

Which is best Google Input Tools Online or Offline or Chrome Extension?

Actually, it vary depends on the usage. I suggest you try all these method and let me know via comments.

How to use Google Input Tools in Microsoft Office Word(MS Office Word)?

It is very easy to use. Just download and install the Google Input Tools offline installer and use the “Windows+Space Bar” to change the language. Simply open the MS Office Word and start typing.

How do Google Input Tools work?

When you type in English the tool will automatically convert the word into your regional language. For example, If you want to write “नमस्ते” then you have to type “Namaste”.