Unique Sports You May Not Have Heard of Before

People will do anything for a bit of fun, and athletes are no exception. Some athletes opt to engage in weird sporting activities and might even find football, hockey, golf, and other conventional sports uninteresting. What can you do when you don’t find it entertaining enough to bet on mainstream sports on SBOBET and other platforms?

Let’s take a look at the options, from chasing cheese to carrying a wife through a series of obstacles. Here are some unique sports you may not have heard of before and could try at your leisure.

#1 Cheese Rolling

Our first contender involves rolling cheese downhill for fun. Every spring, people from across the globe travel to South West England’s Gloucester region to watch competitors literally chase a round of cheese downhill. The game is Cheese Rolling, one of the world’s seven most bizarre ‘Feats of Strength’ events.

It involves rolling a nine-pound round of Double Gloucester cheese from a hilltop. Competitors chase after it down the hill, with the first person to cross the finish line winning the cheese. It’s worth noting that Cheese Rolling is not a safe competition; dozens suffer injuries and land in the hospital every year.

#2 Floorball

As an indoor game invented in the 1970s, Floorball is a kind of floor hockey. It features five players and a goalkeeper on each team, with a floorball match lasting 23 minutes. The players use 96 to 115.5 cm-long sticks and a 70 to 72 mm plastic ball with holes. It is an excellent game for those with decent hand-eye coordination and equally good protective gear.

#3 Chess Boxing

If you understand conventional chess, you can quickly learn chess boxing. As the name suggests, this game is a combination of Chess and Boxing, a brainchild of a Dutch performance artist called Lepe B. T. Rubingh. The sport takes the same skill set as traditional chess but adds the physical element of players hitting each other across the face.

Chess boxing is a popular sport in India, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. You can beat an opponent by either checkmate or knockout.

#4 Underwater Hockey

Is it only a hockey game played underwater? Technically, yes, but it takes quite a lot of skill to hit a putt into a set of goals at the bottom of a swimming pool while trying to hold your breath. The sport features a team of ten members, with six players participating in the competition.

The match has two sessions, each lasting ten to fifteen minutes. While water slows down the game’s speed, it is still not one of the safest sports out there.

#5 Toe Wrestling

The first World Toe Wrestling Competition took place in a Derbyshire pub in 1976. Unfortunately, a recent application to make this game an Olympic sport was rejected, but proponents are bound to keep trying. The sport involves two opponents locking feet and bodies, attempting to pin each other down.

It has no time limit, and each match has three rounds, starting with the right foot first. The second round moves to the left foot, and players aim to win two out of three rounds. They must pin the opponent’s foot for three seconds to win a round.

Final Thoughts

These might be the five strangest sports in the world, but there are others. Why not check out joggling, shin-kicking, wife carrying, and swamp football, too?


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