Tips that Will Increase Your Chances of Conception

Tips that Will Increase Your Chances of Conception

Nothing makes you feel like a complete woman than having your baby. Getting pregnant, however, is not as easy as people tend to think. After deciding to get pregnant, many women face rough conceiving. Those with anxiety about having a baby try to do everything to conceive. While taking care of your body is the first step to optimizing your fertility, what else can you do to improve your chances of having a baby on time? 

Conception is a complicated biological process based on luck and thus requires a lot of patience. Conception is age bound. The more advancement in age one becomes, the lower the chances of having a baby. Fortunately, following some life routine tips can increase your rate of conception. Here are secrets that will make you bear fruit.

Eat healthily

Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount for a woman looking to conceive. Remember, what you eat is what makes you. However, there is no fixed diet for a woman seeking to conceive. 

But, that notwithstanding, a woman must eat foods that prepare her for childbearing. Foods which are rich in nutrients such as proteins and iron are crucial. Remember to take your fruits regularly. It is also worth noting that maintaining a healthy weight is essential. Research by Create Health shows that overweight women have a lower chance of conception than their slim counterparts. 

Get to know your menstrual cycle

Women’s bodies are not similar. Their menstrual cycles also vary due to different factors. Understanding yourself is the first step if you want to get pregnant.

Use a calendar to establish whether you have regular menstrual cycles or not. Does it come on the same number of days apart every month? If not so, then you might be having irregular periods. Irregular periods have a varying number of days apart each month. By having such information noted on a calendar, a woman can predict when she will ovulate. 

Monitor your ovulation

A woman needs to know when she is ovulating. Ovulation occurs two weeks before the first day of her period. Conversely, it is difficult to determine when ovulation occurs in women with irregular periods

Research predicts that ovulation occurs about 12 to 16 days before the arrival of her period. Scientists also believe that the ovulation period changes numerously over her lifetime. This being a variable, it emphasizes for one to monitor her ovulation.

There are numerous means for monitoring periods. One method is by purchasing a home ovulation prediction kit. It works on the same principle as a home pregnancy test kit. Tracking the cervical mucus is also another excellent method. This involves monitoring the amount of slime in your vagina regularly. Before ovulation, a woman produces more mucus which feels thinner and more slippery.


Conception has never been a downhill task. However, do not stress if it does not happen right away. Remember, human bodies can never be the same. Keep your faith high, and do not lose hope. Seek advice from Create Health and stay positive, and soon you might get your desired outcome. Remember to follow the above tips to increase your conception rate.

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