PAN Card Update/Correction | Duplicate PAN Card: Guide

Do you have PAN Card and want to make update/correction in pan card or do you want to apply for duplicate PAN card then this article is for you

pan card correction update duplicate pan card via online

It’s good to maintain correct details in Aadhaar and PAN Card. If your family member doesn’t have a PAN card make use of this guide.

Through 3 ways you can update details in PAN Card.Those are,

  1. e-KYC – e-Sign (Paperless)
  2. Submit Scanned images through e-Sign
  3. Forward application documents physically

Why I have to use “e-KYC – e-Sign (Paperless)” Method?

If you have an aadhaar Card with correct details and mobile number then go for this method because it will reduce your manual work.

In this method, the Income Tax Department will retrieve all of your information from Aadhaar Card so you don’t need to upload “Photo, Address Proof and Sign”.

Why I have to use “Submit Scanned images through e-Sign” Method?

If you don’t have correct details in your Aadhaar card so want to update PAN Card details with the help of other documents you have to use this method.

In this method, you have to upload the scanned images of your “Photo,Proof and Sign”.

Why I have to use “Forward application documents physically” Method?

In some cases, you can use this method but I suggest you proceed with the first or second method because this method requires manual work. You have to send the required documents to the Income Tax Department via post or courier office.

PAN Card Update/Correction | Duplicate PAN Card: Guide

e-KYC – e-Sign (Paperless) Method:

You have to open the official NSDL Website and fill the required details.

  • Application type – Changes or Correction in existing PAN data / Reprint of PAN Card
  • Last Name – Father’s Name

Once you submit the form it will generate a token number for your request. You can use that token number to continue as a registered user.

Choose the ” e-KYC – e-Sign (Paperless) ” Method and if you need a physical PAN Card then choose “Yes” otherwise “No”.

Fill last four digit of Aadhaar Number and agree to use the Aadhaar Photograph on the PAN Card.

Tick the respective checkbox for corrections otherwise leave it as default but must fill all the required details. Refer the below image for more details,

No need to do anything on “Photo & Signature” Checkbox. If you want to make corrections of your parent details check the “Details of Parents” checkbox.

On next step you can update your address,phone number and email details.Please read the green boxed tex carefully.

Now you need to choose the proof of the “PAN” document then type your full name on the declaration box and fill your place.

Now you have to enter your first 8 digits of Aadhaar card and verify all other details. If any details are wrong, edit the application using the edit button otherwise proceed further using proceed button.

You have to make the payment of Rs.107 for Online PAN Correction/Updation.You can pay via credit card,debit card,wallets or netbanking.

After successfull payment you have to authenticate Aadhaar via OTP.After authentication you can proceed further.

After that you need to create Aadhaar VID for e-kyc.It can be done easily by clicking the link.

Enter your VID on the respective box then generate the OTP and verify it.

After successfull verification you will get a acknowlegement pdf document .Your date of birth is the password.You can use that acknowledgement number to track the status of the application.

It will take up to 15-30 days to get physical PAN Card on your address. If you have any queries please comment on below box I will help you.

How to apply for Duplicate PAN Card

PAN Card Update/Correction | Duplicate PAN Card are almost the same procedure. Nothing to do to get duplicate PAN Card Just don’t tick any checkboxes while applying. Finally, submit the application and pay the payment. You will get a duplicate card via mail.

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