Interesting Facts About the Indian Online Casino Industry

Did you know that the Indian online gambling industry is going through a renaissance? In a country where gambling is the most popular pass times, more players turn to online sites. 

Studies suggest that about 40 percent of internet users in India are gambling. Eighty percent Indians place bets at least once annually. Here are a few interesting facts about India and its online casino industry. 

Plenty of reliable online casinos target Indian players. There are options for all types of players. They include; Casino Day, Casumo, 888 Casino, and 1X Bet. As more Indian players continue to appreciate the benefits of online play, more options crop up. 

There are free and real money casinos. If you are a serious player looking for opportunities to make money, take advantage of real-money casinos. A free online casino would be more appropriate when you simply wish to practice or have fun. 

The best online casinos in India come with intuitive apps for iOS and Android. They have beautiful interfaces and feature plenty of games. 

  • It Is the Most Popular Way to Pass Time Online

Indians love betting. Their online betting industry has become one of the biggest ones in the world. Indian land-based casinos are reserved for specific states and games. This means that gambling fans can only access certain forms of traditional gambling. 

The country is highly decentralized, and every state is responsible for its gambling regulation. In January 2021, Goa, Sikkim, and Daman permitted specialized gambling establishments. However, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana banned online gambling. 

Even though Indian online casinos are mostly in the domain of international companies, Indian gamblers love them. They are mostly licensed by offshore companies like Curacao Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. 

Indian online casinos don’t operate in the grey zone, contrary to the popular notion. They protect their players, and the operators are strict and respectable. 

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According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, all types of gambling, including online gambling, are illegal in the country. India could be losing $140 million every year for failure to regulate its online casino market. The benefits of regulation would go beyond generating revenue. It would also offer employment opportunities. 

  • The Law Treats Sports Betting, Poker, and Casino Differently

Did you know that Indian gambling laws treat poker, casino games, and sports betting differently? The Public Gaming Act of 1867 and state betting laws have different stipulations for these games. 

For example, casino games and sports betting are games of chance. However, poker is considered a game of skill. Therefore, it isn’t limited. There are plenty of local poker companies in the country. Poker sites include Spartan Poker, Poker Baazi, PokerStars India, and Adda54. 

  • Indians Love Mobile Gaming

Indians love mobile gaming for its convenience. As more people access internet connection and smartphones, they can access their favorite sites on the go. There are two primary reasons behind the growth of Indian mobile gaming; The constant growth of the middle class and the fact that the infrastructure for internet services keeps getting better. 

Since about 25 years ago, the number of Indian households whose disposable income is over $10,000 has increased twentyfold. The average Indian family can afford to place bets online, among other luxuries. 

By 2021, India’s number of mobile users was over 760 million. The UN predicted that the number could surpass China’s by 2022. The middle-class population is also expected to continue growing. 

The Indian middle class has access to the internet, plenty of free time, and smartphones. It is no surprise that they would spend some time placing online bets. Their popular games are just a few taps of the phone screen away. Today, there are many gaming platforms available for playing games online, such as MobilityWare, where you can also play Solitaire, FreeCell, Klondike, and Blackjack as well. This platform also provides many tutorial blogs and videos to learn to play that particular game.

  • Indian Players Enjoy Local Classics

In most parts of the world, slots are the most popular online casino games. They are preferred for their vibrant colors, easy play, and special features. In India, however, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and other local classics are the most popular games. 

They are mostly played at live online casinos to replicate the authentic experience. The studios are glamorous, and the dealers are professional and witty.

Indian Rummy is another popular title. However, you may have trouble finding it in most offshore casinos. Indian gamblers love slots as well. They enjoy the fun characters and opportunities to win big jackpots. 

Baccarat is also a staple for Indian casino lovers. The card game is popular in most Indian countries as it gives you a fantastic chance of winning. There is a solid chance of winning against the house. 

European classics like blackjack and roulette have a decent market. However, they aren’t very popular in India. However, the simple nature of roulette means the chances of gaining more popularity are fairly high. 

  • Gambling Advertising In India

Another interesting thing about India’s gambling industry is the nature of adverts. You’ll notice that online casinos only advertise through banners on websites. The sites are typically based outside India.


This is mostly because of the lack of regulation in India. Indian webmasters are unwilling to break existing laws and regulations.

With poker, however, things are completely different. It is advertised everywhere, including on social media platforms, billboards, and newspapers. 

A TV ad featuring the greatest poker wins ever was aired on multiple Indian networks. It almost went viral. Because of the legal status of the game, you’ll find it almost everywhere you go. 

  • Sports Betting and Online Casinos Are Illegal-But Not Really

Online casinos and sportsbooks in India aren’t regulated. While there isn’t a law that specifically terms online betting as illegal, there isn’t a law to legalize it either. Online gambling operators can technically offer their services online without risking penalties. 

While the Indian government is moving slow, there may be changes to these regulations in the near future. Betting on Cricket is very popular in India. Therefore, sports betting may be legalized within the next decade. Regulating online casinos and sports betting may earn the government billions in gambling revenue.

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