How do virtual numbers for SMS work

Services where you can buy a virtual phone number for SMS have been available to users for a long time. However, no one particularly advertised them, so they did not enjoy wide popularity, and the options for using such numbers at that time were much smaller.

Today with the increase in the number of social networks and sites, requiring at registration to specify a personal phone number for account activation, the service of virtual numbers has become much more popular. It is especially popular among those who value anonymity and do not want to receive a lot of spam on their phone in the future. After all, it is enough to “show” your number once in the network, as it immediately gets into many databases, which are then traded by malefactors.

How do virtual numbers for SMS work?

All virtual numbers exist and work only in the Internet space. One of their main advantages is that they are not tied to a specific device, user or location.

For example, your smartphone can run out of power, get lost, or you just forget it and the connection with the world is lost. But this does not happen – you can use the virtual number from any device, anywhere in the world. The main thing is that you have access to the Internet.


The algorithm of use of virtual numbers is very simple:

1. You pass registration for SMS verification service
2. You make a deposit of the amount necessary to buy a virtual number.
3. Choose the country of the virtual number and the service from which you want to receive a verification code.
4. Then you get a virtual number, which you can use to register.
5. All incoming messages are displayed in your personal cabinet.


Benefits of Virtual Numbers

Among the advantages of virtual numbers are:

You will not receive numerous promotional mailings to your personal phone;
Virtual number will help you to keep your personal data confidential;
By using virtual numbers you can register more than once on any website without using your cell phone;
Virtual telephony is absolutely independent of mobile network coverage.
In fact, all you need for a virtual number is Internet access. You can select a number of any operators in any country for any period.


Who uses virtual numbers for SMS?

This service is very popular in both domestic and business situations. If we divide these people into categories, we can highlight the following:

Ordinary people who want to register anonymously;
Bloggers, SMM-specialists who repeatedly register on sites and create many accounts;
Companies for marketing campaigns, mailings and other purposes.

For organizations, the use of virtual numbers is not only convenient, but also very profitable. They do not have to enter into expensive contracts with the mobile network and use phones.


Where to connect a virtual number for SMS?

Buy a virtual phone number for SMS offers a reliable provider SMS-man. This is a company that you can trust – hundreds of thousands of customers have been using its services for more than a year and leave only positive reviews. The site offers virtual numbers from more than 150 different countries, which can be used for activation on 1000 different services.


Instructions for connecting a virtual SMS number using SMS-man:

1. Go to SMS-man website and in top right corner click on “Sign up”. Then you need to enter the necessary data for registration – your email address and password;
2. Once you have entered your personal account, you need to top up your balance. You can make a deposit on the “Payment” page.
3. When you have completed all the above steps, select on the main page one of the countries of your future virtual phone number and the desired service for registration.
4. Press the “Buy” button in front of the selected one. Then the purchased virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet and fully ready for use.

All received text messages to purchased mobile numbers can be seen on the main page in the section “History of your requests”.

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