Cricket is the most played game all over the world. In India, this game is closely followed and played in every nook and corner of the country. Every format of this game has its fan base. The last addition to this is the Indian Premier League or IPL. With this, IPL betting too became popular. With IPL 2021 over, enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for IPL 2022. With the auctions done and the date announced, players off the field are also warming up for online cricket betting.

This article covered all the basics of IPL betting and explained the odds of winning in them. Read on to know more.


With the first match all set to begin on 26th March 2022, this season’s IPL is a much-awaited tournament in the cricketing world. Two new teams are debuting this time – Lucknow SuperGiants and Gujarat Titans. This is the 15th season of this league and is sponsored by TATA. 

Off the ground, everyone is already speculating on who is set to win this time. Chennai Super Kings or CSK are the defending champions. With some unexpected personnel changes, this season of the IPL is sure to be a nail-biting one.

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To place bets, it is important to understand the concept of odds. In simple terms, they are the bookmaker’s way of expressing the chances of an event happening. They reflect the changes of the team winning in sports betting. Most of the online cricket betting sites provide you with the odds of the match. To be able to understand them, you must be familiar with the types of odds or how it is conveyed. In general, there are 3 types of betting odds that you will come across. 

1.  Moneyline Odds 

This is also known as American Odds. Moneyline odds are the simplest form of expressing the probability of an event. The odds have a positive or a negative sign before the number. For example, there is an IPL match between A and B. The bookmarker states that the odds of A winning is +150. If you were to bet on A winning, you would make a net of Rs. 50 if you wage Rs. 100. On the other hand, say the odds on B are 150. It means you need to wage Rs. 150 to make Rs. 100 net. 

2. Fractional Odds

These odds are commonly used in the UK. They are based on fractions and are slightly complicated. Though not difficult to understand, of the three types of odds, fractional odds are confusing to a beginner while calculating the profits. If the numerator is more than the denominator, it’s a profit and vice versa. For example, the odds of A winning is 4 to 1. You wage Rs. 100 on A, and you win Rs. 400 net. Say, if the odds are 1 to 4. This means if A wins, you will make only Rs. 25 net. 

3. Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are everyone’s favorite. They are the easiest to understand for a novice. The calculations are quick and relatively easy. For example, if the odds are 2.2, a Rs. 100 wager can win Rs 220, including the original stake. To know the returns, you need to multiply the odds by the wager amount. 

It will need some practice to understand the odds and place your strategy accordingly. 


Many websites offer IPL betting on their platforms. After carefully considering all the features, you must choose one platform to bet on. A few favorable factors to consider would be

  • Welcome Bonus
  • The credibility of the betting platform
  • Licenses
  • Payment Options
  • Live Streaming of Matches
  • Tips on Odds

Once the platform is decided, register on the same. Once it is done, you can choose the IPL tab and bet on any scenarios, like the match-winner, man of the match, orange cap, purple cap, wickets, fours, and more. 


As a bonus, we have also included here some of the best sites for online cricket betting, including IPL 2022, after thorough research. 

1. Fairplay 

They offer live streaming of the matches and are known in the market to have the best winning odds.

2. Betway

With almost instant payouts and numerous betting options, Betway is preferred by many.

3. Bet365

They have numerous banking options and a user-friendly interface.


IPL 2022 fever is here to last at least for a month. Indians, being ardent followers of cricket, are already forming strategies on online IPL betting with excitement. You need not be left behind. Follow the basics of the odds explained in this article and choose a reliable online platform to place your bets. Remember to be cautious and keep an eye on the bankroll.  

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