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Fzmovies is the best website for Bollywood movies free download. You may wonder about the website name! FZ is a popular bike from the Yamaha company.

It is easy to remember the website name. Fz movies using .net domain extension. I tried to visit the website but it doesn’t allow me to see the contents if the adblocker is enabled so I have disabled the adblocking to access the website.


I hope all you know that How bloggers earn money via blogging? If you don’t know the answer to this question then read the below answer.

Bloggers can earn money in two ways. Those are,

  • Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing

Google AdSense is the best advertisement company so most of the bloggers are using Google Adsense to earn money but one cannot use the Adsense in illegal websites.

Fzmovies Advertisement Platform

Fzmovies using the “Propellerads” company for displaying advertisements. Do you know? As a blogger, I tested the “Propellerads”.

I am not happy with the results. Yes, the ad company showing unwanted ads and the ads disturbing the users a lot.

Fzmovies will show attractive advertisements please don’t click any advertisements because that will take you to illegal or scam websites.

Affiliate marketing is another method to earn a huge amount of money. Do you know? “Shoutmeloud” a website that is run by an Indian blogger(Harsh Agarwal) earning money via affiliate marketing.

Alternative websites to Fzmovies

Did you think Fz movies is the only website to download Bollywood movies? The answer is No. There are a lot of movie piracy websites are available for Both South Indian and North Indian movies.

Since last month, I am posting articles about every website to create awareness about the disadvantages of using those websites. I have mentioned some of them below.

Why I have mentioned the alternative websites means to beware of these websites too. As a normal citizen, I can’t understand anything in this world.

Where we are going? All of them run out of money only. If it goes like this surely one day the earth will destroy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fzmovies

Why most of the traffic received from South Africa?

This is the only Bollywood movie website receiving much traffic from South Africa. I wonder! South African peoples are watching Bollywood movies. If anyone knows the answer to this question please let me know.

Which country proxy do I need to use for unblock the Fzmovies website?

Actually, using a proxy to unblock websites is the oldest method. No one will recommend that because that will require manual work but if you use VPN then you can bypass restriction easily without manual work.

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It is not easy to earn money easily in a legal way but Fzmovies earning money via illegal way. We people also encouraging movie piracy that’s not good in my point of view. I request everyone to be good and make the world good. Avoid all illegal things. Share this article to participate in creating awareness about illegal things.

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