Detailed Review of Cricket Betting Guru for Indian Users

Cricket Betting Guru Review

Cricket Betting Guru is an online website that is widely used in India for searching online bookies which are great for Cricket betting. Since Cricket betting is so popular in India, Cricket Betting Guru knows the problem of invalid online bookies that scam their users or somehow manipulate your accounts to steal money, and wishes to eliminate that problem by providing as much detailed information regarding legal and safe online bookies in India as possible. Thanks to Cricket Betting Guru, all Indian players will have no problem choosing a great online bookie!

Advantages of Cricket Betting Guru

By using Cricket Betting Guru, all Indian players will easily notice the following advantages:

  • Tons of reviews about online bookies in both English and Hindi;
  • All the reviews are as detailed as possible;
  • Only safe and legal online bookies are reviewed.

Cricket Betting Guru Betting Sites

By using Cricket Betting Guru, you will be able to open the “Betting Sites” page. As the name suggests, this page will tell all Indian players about the most popular and commonly used online bookie betting sites in India. There are exactly 50 of them, and each and every single one will provide you with a very detailed review, where you will be able to find information regarding the online bookie, as well as all of its aspects like Welcome Bonuses and pros and cons.

Cricket Betting Guru Betting Apps

Apart from using the “Betting Sites” page, please, don’t forget to check the “Betting Apps” page. In it, Cricket Betting Guru provides all Indian users with tons of cricket betting apps of Indian online bookies that have the best condition of use. Thanks to this page, you will be able to read reviews specifically about betting applications in India, as well as have the opportunity to download them straight from Cricket Betting Guru.

Bonuses Page of Cricket Betting Guru

We can all agree that using bonuses and promotions at online bookies can be highly beneficial, as by using them, you will get great rewards in return for meeting manageable wagering requirements. At Cricket Betting Guru, you will be able to use the “Bonuses” page, where you will be able to read about all the bonuses and promotions of 50 various online bookies that are used in India. All of the bonuses that are presented in this page are very valuable, and you will have no problem wagering them whatsoever.

Betting Odds of Cricket Betting Guru

The Cricket Betting Guru website features a great page named “Betting Odds”. Once you visit it, you will be pleasantly surprised by its quality. After all, this page specifically presents all Indian users with information about betting odds on Indian online bookies, as betting odds decide how much money you will win from a certain Cricket bet. With this page, you will be easily able to choose the online bookie with the best betting odds for you.


We want to say that while preparing this article, we have not found a single flaw of Cricket Betting Guru that could possibly keep you away from using it. The website itself is very trustworthy among millions of Indian players, and is constantly used every day. The website does everything possible to provide you with up-to-date information every single day, so use Cricket Betting Guru to find the information about the best online bookies in India and choose one for yourself!

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